How to swing a golf club

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The basics of golf swing boils down to a handful of correctly taught techniques since the game was first played, but many golfers want to complicate things.

The swing itself is the most important element, no swing no golf! Making a successful swing is to practice, understanding and implementing the elements, and not just standing there over the ball giving it a good old whack! Pros effortlessly appear to hit their swings, truthfully slowed down; you can start to appreciate how much violence is in a full golf swing.

Try these golf swing basics.

First examine the swing in easy to understand terms, to see if you can pick up any mistakes you might be making. Ok let's begin by breaking it down into four simple steps:

1. Teeing off is the begin for most of us! Thinking, it is amazing that many players think their in a bad shot (TIP! It may be embarrassing that you might slice or even hook the ball in front of others. Just think about hitting the ball straight down the fairway!)
2. Carefully take a grip the club not to tightly. Having a tight grip may result in been a hook shot, on the other side too light a grip your shot will slice over into the trees.
3. Backswing and downswing can cause confusion to a lot of players. Essentially, the downswing is where the club generates its momentum. And having a light grip at this stage the ball is going now where into the distance. (TIP! Remember to swing back in one movement with your arms not wrists and hands ARMS!)
4. Using a slower backswing than a downswing, what most players do is to have a too light grip on the backswing this doesn't create enough momentum for the downswing. (TIP! Rule of thumb is to use a 20-30% faster dowsing than your backswing. Been careful not to use to a slow backswing, and keeping left shoulder (opposite for lefties) and hip properly aligned while transferring your weight slightly towards the right. This shouldn't be exaggerated but natural, the hands should be about waist high.

This is where it all starts with the golf swing basics, understand these and mastering them and your game will improve. Also there is no need to spend hours on coach lessons, just learn the techniques from the outset. Practice make perfect!

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