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There is a very important question about auto insurance in USA for the people just move in to this country. Among a lot of kind of insurance there is auto insurance. It is one of the first things that are so required.
The auto insurance in USA is under State control. This means that rules are not common for the whole country. So, first of all you need to get the reliable information from the insurance agency in your state, because the information for any other state could be unapplied for you a all.
Almost in every state it is required to have auto insurance without fail. auto insurance is included into liability part of the insurance package. This is for the case if something happened with somebody because of us. For instance one accident could cost around 15 000 $ bodily injury for the one sufferer and 30 000$ for more than one (in California state). Besides this you supposed to cover the cost of suffered side asset - approximately 5 000 $. To describe the reimbursement of costs they use following form: 15/30/5 applicable for State California in foregoing case.
Anyways you can not drive your auto without the auto insurance. This is criminal wrong against law of the state and cause strong punishment for that.
Some people think that nothing could be happened with them and ignore the requirement of the auto insurance having no auto insurance. And there is around 30% of such kind of people. Besides that a lot of drivers have minimum auto insurance to keep it according to the law. So, you need to have your own auto insurance if something serious happened with you on the road. Do not expect to get money from guilty side.
There is two ways of auto insurance payment: at fault and no fault. In first case sufferer gets coverage for the damage from guilty side. No fault means that your auto insurance company pays you no matter who is guilty. So, you need to know how it is in your place.
Every driver has to remember about risk on the road and take autory about his own auto insurance to have comfort life without extra troubles.

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