Want Your Business To Rise In 2007? Do What Bakers Do

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Want to make your business bigger and more profitable in 2007? Did you say yes?

Then do what bakers do--add leavening agents to make what you're baking rises in the presence of heat, moisture, acidity and other triggers.

If you use too much salt, what you bake will fall. The temperatures of the yeast and sugar must be correct and in the right proportions for baked goods to rise properly.

So it is with your business. Your precise recipe for success must be documented in your Three Year Business Plan--containing the your goals, strategies, tactics and financials--all blended together properly to make your business rise in 2007.

Here are some of the things to consider as you develop your recipe for 2007 business success.

1. Technology broadens markets. You should use Internet technology to expand your market from a single village, town, or city, or regional area to the entire United States and internationally.

You'll need an effective website , plus knowledge of Internet marketing, as well as learning how to use the "Law of Attraction" online to draw prospective customers to you.

2. Don't squander valuable time watching TV and socializing with unsuccessful, negative people. Set an hourly value of your time. Unless someone or something has the potential of generating income at your hourly rate or better, don't fritter your time away.

3. Make sure your family life and spiritual life are in order. Don't neglect these things. If you do, they'll explode later on, undermining your future business success.

4. Be careful of your image and your appearance. You should project a professional business owner's image.

5. Read business publications like Forbes and local Business Journals regularly. Read good business books as well.

6. It can take twice as long and cost three times more than you think to achieve business success.

Academic and author K. A. Ericcson writes that it takes math scholars, authors, and runners 10 years to attain peak performance. It takes musicians 20 years. Be realistic about the time needed to grow your business to peak proficiency.

If you don't own a business, but are any employee, are you satisfied living in financial stress working at a job you hate? If you cling to your job, you may wind up even worse than you are now.

Here's why.

1. Employment opportunities are fading fast and new jobs last about four years. Failing companies, the disappearance of pensions, business bankruptcies, downsizing, acquisitions and mergers, union feebleness and irrelevancy, offshore outsourcing, robotics, and office automation make employment extremely risky.

2. As an employee, you don't control the amount of your income. With lots of begging and persuasion, you might get a 2.0% merit increase this year. Or you might not get a raise-you may get a big cut in pay instead.

3. David Bach, author of "Start Smart Finish Rich," says as an employee, you can't "pay yourself first," placing reasonable amounts of money from your paychecks-say, $500 each month--into savings and investments and/or tithes and offerings for your church.

That's because the IRS and state tax authorities get there first, witholding big chunks of money for your taxes due next April 15. You get whatever is left over to live on.

But if you have a business, you keep your income (no withholding) and then deduct legitimate business expenses from income on your tax return, legally paying far less in taxes.

4. The middle class is disappearing in the USA. Eventually, everyone will be either poor or rich. Most rich people get rich by building businesses. If you don't decide whether to become rich or poor, you will become poor automatically as jobs here decrease and China grows into the world's manufacturing center.

Early in the 20th Century, millionaires were made in manufacturing. During the late 1980's, millionaires like Sam Walton were made in traditional distribution (stores). In the 21st Century, new millionaires come from "intelligent distribution"--selling things online with no stores, usually no inventory and no employees. Intelligent distribution includes direct selling, including MLM.

What should you do next? Ask yourself three questions? Your honest answers will show you the path to your expanding business success.

1. What can you be best in the world at? 2. What drives your economic engine? 3. What are you passionate about?

If you want your business cake to rise in 2007, use business leavening agents and triggers. Develop your recipe for success (called a Business Plan). Reject the drastic consequences of doing nothing differently.

Have a blessed 2007 in all ways, including experiencing your business rising.

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