Discover The Truth Behind Power Leveling And Buying World Of Warcraft Wow Accounts

by Thomas Gates - Date: 2007-01-05 - Word Count: 407 Share This!

World of Warcraft, Blizzard's highly acclaimed MMORPG, has more than 50% market share. After more than 2 years, World of Warcraft is going to release it's first expansion - The Burning Crusade. With the release of the expansion, the level cap will be raised to 70.

Quoted from Blizzard, "The time from 60-70 will be about the same as 1-60." Seeing as how getting from 1-60 is no easy task and takes weeks of non-stop gaming, and usually months for casual folks, so it's no wonder that people are turning to gaming companies to level up or purchase characters.

Obtaining a high level World of Warcraft account is a great experience. Realizing this, more and more players are paying for these kinds of services every single day.

However, Blizzard has begun to take action against these power leveling and gold farming companies by banning the accounts of both the customers and the companies. Finding powerleveled accounts is extremely easy, since all of the power leveling companies are in China, Blizzard only needs to track the IP address.

Powerleveling usually takes 2 weeks of 2-3 people on 24 hour shifts playing a character. This kind of activity is very suspicious to Blizzard, and they can easily put two and two together when they find that a Chinese IP is has been logging on. Therefore almost 100% of accounts get banned after being powerleveled. In fact, just recently, Blizzard banned over 100,000 accounts. Now that's a scary thought.

Because of this, many people have realized that buying accounts is in many ways better than power leveling. One of the great things about buying accounts is that you can still choose your own account name, server, character name, and secret word. It's almost like creating your own account with a 60. Best of all, its fast!

Compared to power leveling, buying WoW accounts is much faster. Since account sellers buy and sell accounts, there are no absolutely no risks involved, and the process is very quick. Typically an account can be had within less than 24 hours.

Warcraft Loot offers accounts on all servers, including free transfer with your choice of name, server, and much more. You get a fully customizable experience, tailored to your needs. Warcraft Loot makes sure that the account will never be taken back by the original owner and offers a 100% guarantee on all accounts. So now you that know the differences between buying accounts power leveling, you can make the right decision.

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