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October 30, 1989, the China Youth Development Foundation announced the implementation of Project Hope. This year, the 20th anniversary of Hope Project has been implemented. 20 years ago, hope that works from the aid poor families in impoverished rural areas to start out of school youth to the present, the object has been funded by the students (children of migrant peasant workers) extended to poor families in poor areas of rural secondary school students, middle- vocational school students, college students. 20 years, the Hope Project mobilization and service delivery funded from a single development to the "work-study funds to finance + + public practice" as well as psychological assistance, social services, and so diversified. The end of 2008, Project Hope funded total more than 3.38 million students achieve.

Project Hope since 1989 came from a 20-year history. 20 years, Project Hope to raise contributions to more than 5.3 billion yuan to subsidize more than 3,303,380,000 students from poor rural families (including primary, secondary, college students), and build hope primary 15,322444, and helped change the destiny of future generations of farmers, prompted the public to including all levels of government

Education Attention, promote the development of China's public welfare. 20 years, there have been many touching stories. Have the school children, now grown up, feeding the community; countless donors harvested at the same time as their love of life values; Hope builders always, dedicate the wisdom and strength.

Think of luxurious materials from Project Hope
Print Some schools are now printed
of high-grade materials, has reached extravagant proportions. Textbooks are mostly 16 to open a large format, glossy paper color printing, the binding, the fine print, no less than professional Illustrated, price natural "gone up", "the burden of school bags," the more back the more "heavy." Recycled materials in our system is not formed before, these books are usually one-time luxury consumer goods, exacerbated by "your school", causing a huge waste, is regrettable.

Have long been expert commented: Luxury victims of textbooks, the first is a huge waste. It was calculated that an account: the number of Chinese primary and secondary schools up to 220 million, if every student in the textbook, spend less 5 dollars, the country could save more than 10 billion yuan. The saved money into Hope you can make 5 million children out of school to re-enter the classroom. Moreover, the simplified textbook

Package , Papermaking Industrial emissions of pollution will be significantly reduced.
Announced a new standard in textbook printing
Learned that the printing of new textbooks for primary and secondary standards have been completed revised report to the national standardization

Management Committee for approval, recently announced to the public. Eye health for the protection of students, in the future, primary music, art and other teaching materials will reduce the size of vice, from the current format to B5 A4 format.

The primary and secondary textbook printing standards implemented in 2001, is now almost 8 years. Standardization Technical Committee of the National Press and Publications Associate Yu-Zhu Liu introduction, "At that time, many textbook drawings and more expensive paper, layout is too large, but also a lot of 'luxury materials', and the affordability of students do not match, so the standard is mainly From the economical point of view established. "

To prevent extravagance and waste the spirit of mutual help students

Materials should not be extravagant with the wind, must be based on the principle of economical and practical, reasonable use teaching materials of paper. Announced new standards for school textbooks printed materials to reduce the luxury to reduce the enormous waste of resources. Government departments should also be related procedures, part of the strict guard of textbooks nowadays can be effectively suppressed luxury style, return books as soon as possible simple, generous, likable, character. School students should be the spirit of mutual good time for "Project Hope" to do what is possible.

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