The Benefits of Hunter Pgj Sprinklers

by Richard Gilliland - Date: 2008-11-12 - Word Count: 354 Share This!

Hunter PGJ sprinklers operate by the same mechanism that originally made Hunter's PGP sprinklers very popular-and the top selling sprinkler of the last three decades. Like PGP, Hunter PGJ sprinklers are easy to install, easy to change with nozzles and allow for improved water efficiency, which in the end, will save you money paying for city water services. These sprinklers offer more safety and enhanced durability through the use of a special rubber cover. With Hunter PGJ sprinklers you get the benefits of a rotor system with the simplicity of a sprayer.

Hunter PGJ sprinklers let you have more radius adjustment that allows you to tune the spray and improve nozzle retention. Hunter PGJ sprinklers come with a protective rubber cover that allows protection against debris. Hunter PGJ models also allow for easy rotation, up to 360° if needed. This sprinkler also has a water-lubricated gear drive for more efficient performance. The variable stator ensures that the rotation speed is kept consistent even if there are different nozzles with varying degrees of pressure. A large filter screen that comes with the sprinkler traps more debris but manages to do so without clogging.

When is it ideal to use Hunter PGJ sprinklers? Consider, that if your landscape has long or narrow mid-range zones then most people would state that sprays at the best option. However, rotors would offer more effective performance, especially if you found a design to fit your particular type of landscape. The best thing about the Hunter PGJ is that it combines the best features of both-it offers two rows of rotors that can run on the same zone as other rotary sprinklers. Hunter PGJ sprinklers naturally require fewer valves and stations. This translates to less piping and trenching, and for you, less expenses spent on labor and water supply.

Hunter manufacturers these sprinklers, along with many other rotors, valves and sprinkler systems. Ever since 1981, with their patented PGP sprinkler, they have been the world's favorite company for sprinklers and landscape tools. If you are interested in improving the quality of your home or garden, contact Hunter Industries or an authorized online retailer.

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