Ten Signs He's Leaving

by Tonja Weimer - Date: 2008-07-09 - Word Count: 558 Share This!

Are you worried that your guy is leaving you? Has he been been acting different lately? Do you wonder where he is or what he is doing?

Here are ten signs that he may be seeing someone else and thinking about walking:

1. You notice that he has a new cell phone.

He leaves the room when he takes his calls. If he can't leave the room, he doesn't answer his phone.

2. He changes his style.

He buys new clothes, changes his hairstyle, and is more concerned about his appearance than you remember him being. He takes more time getting ready, and wears cologne, which he never used to do except when you first started dating each other.

3. His work hours have suddenly changed.

He has more weekend or over night trips and works later at the office than he used to. He keeps saying things like, "We've just been so busy lately at work."

4. He has become more emotionally distant than usual.

He's just not there and you can't reach him. When you ask what's going on with him he says it's his work. He's tired or he's stressed or he has too much on his mind.

5. He often mopes around the house.

Before he goes out, he perks up. He has an attitude that he is misunderstood and unappreciated at home. He doesn't want your help. He looks for a reason to leave the house. When he comes home, all he wants to do is sleep.

6. He wants a new car.

He talks about or buys a jazzier car. It could be a convertible, the color red, or a sports car. (He has not gotten a raise and he's not the right age for a mid-life crisis.)

7. He accuses you of flirting or wanting to be with other men.

He says he thinks you are having an affair. You think he is funny or crazy.

8. He's critical.

He criticizes the way you look or the way you do things. This is a different tone than you have ever heard before. You feel that you haven't changed-he has.

9. He spends hours on the computer.

He stays up late but he won't tell you what he's doing. If you walk in the room he quickly tries to shut down the computer. He acts irritated with you that you came in to see him.

10. Sex is non-existent or mechanical.

You can't remember when he's paid attention to you and the two of you have not had a romantic night in ages. Furthermore, he's not asking for intimacy. Again, he says he's just tired.

Any one of these signs is a red flag that something is not working in your relationship, but if you answered yes to three or more, it signifies that your romance is rocky and needs immediate attention. Don't be afraid of finding the answers. What is more important is that you not waste your time putting up with this behavior. You can either confront him and work at healing the relationship, or you can leave. Remember: you deserve to be with someone who adores you.

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