Unconventional Places to Find Singles

by Christine Crotts - Date: 2010-05-08 - Word Count: 530 Share This!

If you are single and on the lookout for other singles, then welcome aboard. There are many singles out there who try to find other single beings who can be a date for the night, a reliable partner or even a long term spouse. If you have already tried the usual dating hot spots like bars, singles parties, speed dating areas and even online dating sites and have not yet been successful, why not try other unconventional places to find singles? Of course, finding the right person for you is highly dependent on your approach but who says that getting help is not allowed?

There are indeed unexpected places that are considered as hot spots to find singles. If you are not yet defeated then try the following ideas and places...

1. The Public Laundry Mart
Of course, not all people who do their laundry in public laundry marts are singles. But come to think of it... every person needs his or her laundry to be done. A married person would have some arranged laundry services at home. A single person can find public laundry marts quite practical. There are many single apartments who have no laundry service or its own Landry area. So laundry shops are great places to check out. After all, it is easier to start a conversation with a hot single with all the wishing and whooshing.

2. The Supermarket or Grocery Store
It is not only easy to find singles in grocery stores but it can also be easy to spot them. You can either hang out at a nearby supermarket a few minutes each week to find singles or you can choose to look around when you do your weekly shopping. How to spot a single person? It's easy. Look at the grocery items he or she is shopping for. If you see disposable diapers or formula then that persons shouts "married". However, if you see microwavable food packs, a few cookies and a few cans of juice then you can make your move.

3. Weddings
If someone invites you to attend a wedding, you should think twice before you say no. Weddings are great places to find singles. Being a common friend to the about-to-be-married couple also gives you enough reason to approach a single person on interest to you. In weddings, to find singles is easy so be sure to say yes when someone invites you.

4. The Office
Believe it or not, your workplace is a good place to find singles. You should not limit your search to you, your boss and the boss' secretary, You can find singles by looking farther than your small department. Participate group lunches or hang out with a group of colleagues so you can easily be introduced to other singles even from other departments.

5. Action Excursions
Many singles do not just go out on dates. They have other activities to think of especially when they relatively have more time than the married or taken ones. You can attend group excursions organized by your office, your group of friends, your church and even by your pals online. Going to these excursions and activities can also help you find singles that have the same interests as you.

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