Danbro Umbrella Company Launches New Childcare Voucher Scheme

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Specialist accountants Danbro is offering an extra benefit to its clients by setting up the Danbro Childcare Voucher Scheme.

Many of the accountancy firm's contractor, freelance and temporary worker clients are working parents, who need to pay for care for their children.

Now the company has launched the Danbro childcare voucher scheme, to take advantage of a government-approved system under which the first £55 per week of childcare vouchers issued by an employer is free of both tax and national insurance contributions for the employee. They also offer national insurance savings for employers.

Under the Danbro scheme, a contractor effectively pays up to £55 a week of their gross salary - which would normally be subject to tax and national insurance - in return for childcare vouchers.

The savings they make on tax and national insurance can add up to substantial sums over the course of the year and the small weekly fee they pay to Danbro to cover administration cost is also tax deductible.

Danbro calculates that depending on a parent's individual circumstances, they could save as much as £2,392 on their childcare costs over a year by using the childcare voucher system.

The scheme is open to working parents with children aged under 16 in registered or approved childcare and benefits both basic and higher rate tax payers.

Danbro managing director Damian Broughton said: "We are always looking for ways to improve services to our clients and recognise that childcare can add up to a substantial cost for working parents, so we hope that our childcare voucher scheme will provide a useful financial bonus for our contractors. Taking advantage of this scheme is definitely worthwhile."

For more information contact Danbro at their head office on 01253 600140 or their London office on 0207 836 8400 alternatively please visit click here or send an email to umbrella@danbro

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