Cool Frog Phone Models and Accessories

by Mayoor Patel - Date: 2006-12-14 - Word Count: 309 Share This!

Speaking from the point of a teenage kid, frog phones are really cool. There are an unbelievbale amount of variations in size, colour and features. If your teen sits at home and camps on the phone line all day talking to their friends then this is your way out!

These mobiles are usually for children under the age of 12. Teens love it too and surprisingly, by some adults who find the design fun and trendy.

There are a variety of frog phone designs for the fixed-line telephones. Aside from using the eye-cooling color of green, they have frogs in the assembly that are visually enchanting. Electronic toy manufacturers design the frog as a phone holder. These phones are available in either striking, chic or pastel color combination containing all the features of any regular phone available. They have an electronic push button, can be switched from tone or pulse, last number redial, electronic ringer that has the frog croaking sound and a lot more. Another good thing is that phone models are FCC approved.

The cellular phone market will not be left behind by this cool frog phone models. There are manufacturers that released some fun phone designs. These mobile frog phone models were designed originally for the children and inspired by Japanese frog cartoons.

Match your frog phone with frog accessories. There are a wide variety of phone accessories with the frog architecture. There are frog phone faceplates suitable for any cellular phone models. You can also own a pretty little frog and tadpoles to decorate your phone's glossy green housing.

You can make sure your frog phone is well kept by obtaining a tasteful cover, preferably something that goes with the general theme of the phone. There are also those really practical stands you can buy which hold the phone upright so that you can see any incoming calls or texts

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