How To Keep a Marriage

by Cristiane Cardoso - Date: 2007-01-03 - Word Count: 451 Share This!

Sacrifice. No marriage can work without this attitude from at least one of the spouses. This is the problem of many couples that effortlessly try to solve their problems by merely talking about it. They are willing to fight, they're willing to feel ashamed, they're willing to expose themselves, and they're willing to stay apart, but they're not willing to sacrifice - to let go of their ego and pride.

Sacrifice is by no means easy. It requires a lot of self-denial and determination. Its hardship sometimes makes a woman cry and for a period of time she even seems to be going nowhere, as if she is loosing out for some reason. It leads her to ignore all that is right and common sense to this world just for one purpose, one goal, and one target - to save her marriage.

Humiliation will be one of the paths she'll have to go through, but that is okay because the end result is far better than any image she ever portrayed to be. It is all she ever wanted in life, since being a little girl and she is determined to do what it takes to keep it. She will have to ignore everybody else's opinions too; because no one knows how strongly determined she is in saving her marriage.

Her friends don't understand her and will even criticise her for living in the dark ages. Her relatives will tell her to leave this non-sense marriage. And her inner self will often make her feel like a fool every time she gives up something in order to save her marriage. Sacrifice is everywhere, in every decision she must make, in every word she hears, and in every emotion she feels.

The woman who goes through the path of sacrifice is married for life. People admire her marriage that seems to be something supernatural nowadays - 'they're so together and so alike' they think, but if only they knew how much sacrifice this couple had to go through to be where they are now.

Marriage is one of the greatest blessings a woman and a man can have and because it is so highly rated, it is expensive and never on discount. Few people are willing to pay the price and so few are those who truly enjoy the blessing of having a true marriage. Most people wait for a bargain and I am sorry to say they are still waiting and will continue waiting until they die - they will never find true happiness in marriage if they are not willing to sacrifice - to lose for a day or for some time on behalf of their marriage.

I wish I could say that prayer alone is enough - but it is not.

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