Solving the Dilemma- Satellite TV vs Cable TV

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Ever since late 80s, TV amusement had been expanding in lighting speed. Most people over the age of thirty remember when you needed a good set of "rabbit ears" on top of the TV set just to receive local network TV signals. In contrast, TV entertainment nowadays is much more exciting than it was in the eighties. Hundreds of channels are available to you just about anywhere you live.

But with too many options available in the market, dilemma comes. How do you know which TV system is best for you? Below is a breakdown of each system and how they compare to each other, so you can choose the right signal for your home and budget.

Comparing satellite TV and cable TV

Picture quality

As mentioned previously, all of Cable's basic and expanded services are currently analog. You will enjoy digital picture quality with cables when you upgrade to Digital Cable. However take note that the upgrades do not earns you 100% digitized TV entertainment as the analog channels will remain analog even though you have digital equipment.

Satellite TV on the other hand is 100% digital, which in general means better reception and picture quality.


Installation of cable TV takes lots of work. Normally what cable companies will do is that they will send their technicians to install and set up the TV sets. Installation jobs might take days depends on the number of TVs the users are going for. In certain cases, you might need to deal with cables lying everywhere in your house for the TV signal transmission.

Installation tasks with satellite TV are much easier when compare to the cables. Its simple and you can even install it on your own. In most cases, installing satellite TV takes just a day to be completed. Both Dish Network and DirecTV are giving out free installation services at the time of writing.


Both cable TV and satellite TV offers up to hundreds of programming channels. Warner Cable TV for example, offers up to 250 channels in their premium package; while DirecTV offers up to 265 channels. Not much different - except that satellite TV providers normally have more unique TV programs such as International channels (Dish Network is famous of its Dos Latino and Great Wall TV package) and sport channels (DirecTV with NFL Sunday Tickets). Such condition makes users to choose satellite TV over the cables some times.


In the past, cable TV users often experience signal outages, but this is usually offset by the fact that they have a fleet of technicians available 24/7. Digital cables nowadays are doing much better but the problem might still occur quite often for certain area.

Satellite TV is more stable in contrast. The satellite signal sometimes will be affected by heavy storms but recent reports show that the outage with satellite TV is less than 1% in total.

Internet connection and bundle services

Internet connection is one area where the true advantage goes to cable. 2-way satellite offerings do exist; however, at soonest, Also, cable has much more to offer besides of TV entertainment. As most large cable systems offer telephone, Internet and video services all bundled together, users might go for cable when considering the convenience provided.

On the other hand, satellite is still several years away from a price, speed and quality that readily competes with cables. Further more, satellite service has less to offer when it comes to extra features or bundle services like phone. Satellite Internet is available but due to technical constrains, the service is not popular till now.

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As different people has different kind of need, to select the right deals between cable and satellite TV requires more info than just one article. Read more about satellite TV and cable TV comparisons at Article by Teddy Low.

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