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by Brent Vanderstelt - Date: 2008-06-26 - Word Count: 940 Share This!

You can find all kinds of well meaning people giving advice on YTB marketing tips, including items as attraction marketing and many other potions and pills.

As an Internet marketing and SEO (search engine optimization) expert, I will share some of the obvious and not so obvious methods of YTB marketing tips.

First you must understand that YTB has 2 products, the marketing side and the travel side. I feel that if you concentrate on building your travel business first, then the marketing side will come automatically as people begin to see that you are making it as a home based travel agent, not a MLM marketer.

It will take time to build your travel business, there are no short cuts here and NO BUSINESS, HOME BASED OR OTHERWISE is easy and can be cost prohibitive. You must invest time and money into ANY business to make it work.

I have friends tell me all the time, "man if I had your job, I would take Fridays off". Well, if you are a serious business owner, you do not take time off, while you are building a business, you do this when your business is established and can run on autopilot.

To get your travel business going in the right direction, you need to choose and niche market or a market you are already knowledgeable about and position yourself as the expert for let's say "Florida Keys vacations".

All your marketing activities will be centered around positioning yourself as the expert to turn to for "Florida Keys vacations".

You should start a blog and start blogging 2-3 times a day about attractions in the "Florida Keys", vacations rentals, hotels, restaurants, car rentals, restaurants, museums, night clubs, festivals, local news and weather, be intunewith the business community, etc. This will make you an expert in your field.

Another item that you should do to set yourself apart from the others to position yourself as an expert is to write articles about your field of expertise and submit these to FREE travel article directories. The other benefit of this is that it will create back links to your travel website and/or travel blog to increase your search engine rankings. The higher your rankings, the more deals you will close.

Tap into undeveloped markets to increase your chances of selling more travel. This item also falls under the marketing side of YTB, but if you do this you will sell more by having more travel options in your particular area of expertise, "Florida Keys vacation expert".

When people come to the "Florida Keys" they will be searching for activities to do while on vacation. This is where you tap into the undeveloped markets and offer golf vacations and tee times, scuba diving trips, dolphin watching and sport fishing opportunities.

What is you do not have these certain trips available to you through YTB Travel or YTB Outdoors? You approach the local golf courses and have them join YTB Golf, this can be done through Golf Switch.

GolfSwitch is the largest online golf reservation provider in the golf industry. Since 1998, GolfSwitch has helped hundreds of golf courses leverage the Internet to increase exposure, drive rounds and revenue, and maximize tee time yields. Through a suite of marketing and distribution services, we help golf courses connect with customers around the corner and around the world.

You will not make any money signing up any golf courses, but when they join, you will have more golf vacation packages for you to sell in your expert market, "Florida Keys vacations".

How about the local dive shops, dolphin watching expeditions, sport fishing charters, boat cruise providers, kayaking and other water sport providers? This is where you can make money in two ways, the marketing side and travel side.

When you approach these adventure travel providers and get them to come on board with YTB Outdoors and make their services available to your customers, you will benefit from them becoming a YTB Outdoors Outfitter in two ways. You will have a new member of your team and a whole new set of services that you can sell to your clients.

By getting the local adventure travel providers to join your business model, you have now positioned yourself as the "Florida Keys" adventure travel expert.

How many people in the "Florida Keys" get married each year? How many vacation in the "Florida Keys" each year.? Can you see where I am going here? You will also market yourself as the "Florida Keys" honeymoon expert by offering honeymoon vacations and the FREE YTB Honeymoon Bridal Registry.

While on the subject of honeymoons, how about romantic vacations? With the help of YTB Flowers, you can position yourself as the "Florida Keys" expert of romantic vacations by offering to have flowers delivered or many other personalized gifts or offer to shop for special gifts, recommend romantic restaurants, order limo service, etc.

You can see that by simply marketing yourself as an expert in a small geographic area, your chances of building a successful business is much easier and less expensive Once you build a successful business using this model, people around you will want to become involved in the YTB Opportunity because they can SEE how successful you became.

You can not sell the idea of success, unless your are successful yourseelf. YTB Travel is a business and you must treat it as a business to make ot work.

YTB (Your Travel Biz) is also a business, a marketing business. You can make alot of money with Your Travel Biz, but if you want to have a professional business and have the marketing side customers come to you, you must become successful selling travel yourself, then sell the marketing side of YTB.


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Brent Vanderstelt is a YTb travel agent and Internet marketing expert and publishes several travel websites and blogs. You can review the YTB Opportunty or to Join the most exciting online travel opportunity in the world, view short video presentation.

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