Curtains And Interior Design

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The drapes occupy little space in the room, but they might have an influence on the aspect of the space. So, when having to choose the right curtains for your apartment, you need to consider a few things beforehand. The color of the curtains is important and should match the rest of the room such as the furniture and the floor. This color may be in the same shades as your furniture or your floor, or on the other hand, these may be of a contrasting color, bringing a plus of personality and color to your home.

Another essential thing when choosing the right drapes for your rooms is to keep in mind the effect each color has on the mood of the people and the room. Each color is endowed with certain characteristics that will put their print on the atmosphere in the house.
For example, a red curtain will intensify the atmosphere and it will have a stimulating and sometimes irritating effect on the people that spend a lot of time in that room.

On the other hand, the green has a calming effect and it is recommended for bedrooms and rooms which are meant for relaxation. Blue has about the same effect, even if it is a bit colder. Blue has also a cooling effect on the atmosphere. On the other side of the spectrum, the orange will have a warming effect and it will also stimulate work. However, orange is not recommended fro offices. The best color for an office room is a neuter color such as gray, ochre or a light shade of maroon. Also, the shades of the colors in which you choose your curtains mustn't be too intense. In case they are, this will create a strong visual point and will become the visual centre of the room.

The materials from which the curtains are made are also important. A heavy velvety curtain will add to the gravity of the atmosphere, while a light cloth will bring a plus of energy to the room. All things considered, the drapes in a room must be carefully chosen, so that you can enjoy staying in the rooms and feel at ease.

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