How To Achieve Safety Summer Camping

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Camping is one of the enjoyable events for every human being but we should be more aware of the camping risk factor and what are the steps to be taken to protect ourselves and our family members.

Common sense is supreme, but we should still know the basics of camping safety and how to deal with usual camping incidents such as injury and insects’ bits.

Camping safety is one of the most important things to pay attention before prepare for our camping trip.

Here with we are going to discuss some of important things to think about before our camping trip.

1. Camping first aid kit.

Nowadays camping first aid kit is available in market in various ranges. The camping first aid kit should contain things such as bandages, plasters, antiseptic cream or spray, tweezers, paracetamol etc.,

2. Have a good mobile phone and also chargers.

Always keep your mobile phone good and fully charged. Collect emergency service numbers so that you can easily contact them in the case of emergency.

3. Keep the place clean around the camping tent.

Ensure the place where you are going to pitch the camping tent free from smashed glass or any sharp items sticking out of the campground which may cause serious problems.

4. Built safety campfire.

Check out the current weather condition before you are going to built campfire. Also make sure that the place where campfire is to be built is well out of range from your camping tent. Most better to keep your children and animals away from campfire.

5. Take adequate amount of liquid.

Try to take adequate amount of drinks especially during summer seasons. Dehydration is one of the most serious problem may arise for some campers if they didn't take enough liquid in hot season. Some of the symptoms of the dehydration is rapid breathing, cool and clammy skin, excessive thirst, prolonged sweating etc.,

6. Hospital facility

Before leaving from home to campground, know where the nearest hospital is. It would be more useful in the case of the emergency. Always take some antiseptic creams and first aid medicine kits along with you.

7. Beware when hiking alone

Always take somebody along with you who knows about the way, weather condition, and risk factors of the hiking area. Hiking in single is more dangerous.

8. Extra clothing and accessories.

It is better to take extra shoes and also extra dry clothes, jacket of some kind along with you. Keep a flash light along with you with extra batteries in the night time.

9. Keep safe in plastic bag.

Always keep lighters, matches, and some such other things in a water proof bag or containers. Sealed plastic bag also can act as a water-resistant container in a pinch.

10. Don’t wander alone too far from your camping tents.

Ensure that you are always keeping some little distance from camping tent and don't try to go wander too much of distance especially in the night time.

By following these camping safety tips you can enjoy the camping experience as a good and healthy memorable one.

Have a healthy and safety camping!!!!

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