Prophetic Implications Of The 2008 Election

by Rev. Michael Bresciani - Date: 2008-09-25 - Word Count: 1361 Share This!

One of the surest things about the future is that the world will see the rise of a final world dictator. He will rise over the newly formed EU and will extend his rule across the globe not by warfare but through the most attractive economic system the world has ever seen. Yes it is connected to the mysterious and infamous number 666. That connection cannot be explained in a paragraph but to the nominally versed in the study of Biblical Eschatology most of the details are already known.

I pondered the idea of just waiting until the election was over to write this piece but because prophecy is motivated by God's desire to warn both the unbeliever and the faithful it is in keeping with the very nature of prophetic utterance to give people a chance to ponder the consequences and implications of the paths they choose.

When I started a look into Bible prophecy over 40 years ago I was surprised to see how many people believed we were in the last period of time. Certain prophecies have been fulfilled in this generation that can't be ignored. Just the re-birth of Israel alone is a fulfillment of one of the most important last day's warnings in the entire Bible. Today the number of people who have become aware of these prophecies has risen exponentially. It is befitting because God has promised that when he is about to do something many of his servants will be warned. (Amos 3:7)

America is patently unaware of the meaning of the meteoric rise of the EU. Europe has survived the direct onslaught of two world wars and now has the strongest currency in the world, three times the GDP of America and controls over fifty percent of the world's trade. America dances to the tune of its own politics and domestic affairs while largely ignoring the rise of the EU giant, almost as if Europe is still only our post war recovering little brother. Using terms to describe ourselves like "super power" and "leaders of the free world" the awesome spread of EU power has remained oblique to the average American and most of our leaders as well.

One undisputed teaching of the Bible is that all nations including America are heading toward a major intersecting with Europe, in some ways it will be more of a collision course. The EU will succeed. Another unquestionable teaching of scripture is that the last and worst dictator the world will ever know emerges from the newly formed European Union shortly after it begins as a sovereign nation with leaders like a president and vice president. He will not immediately plunge the world into war but in fact will be heralded as the most attractive world leader to arise in history. Up through normal political channels he will prove his prowess through a world economy and diplomatic achievements heretofore never seen. In short he will be loved not hated!

The only thing that will be hated is a moment at the end of his rule when billions will become aware that they have been duped. For those who chose not to believe that the living God was incarnated in the person of Jesus Christ the painful awareness of another incarnation will be made known to them. This ruler is the very incarnation of the god of this world (Satan) and all the available wisdom of this world will have come into play to lead them down the primrose path to their own judgment. Strewn along this path will be anarchy passing itself off as personal freedom, freedom to abort human babies, freedom to practice any deviant sexual behavior, freedom to acquire unlimited personal wealth and the freedom to dismiss, deny and even destroy both the word and the people of God as they see fit. But all this freedom will last a mere seven years.

While America's place in the aforementioned is speculative at best, the rest of it is only eschatology 101. The question of what role America plays in the whole portent may be speculative but of late the specifics have begun to emerge and the next election holds more importance in the surmising than at any other time in our recent history. Because of the willingness of Europeans to have central government under the Lisbon treaty expected to be ratified in 2010, with single administrators like a president and vice president, the timing has never been more urgent. The leaders Americans choose now will certainly play a part in the outcome of the emerging European world power. What is that part?

In spite of our enormous advances in science the collective knowledge of our civilization does little to reach the masses with the specifics of that knowledge. Perhaps one tenth of one percent of the world's population can explain the theory of relativity or quantum physics or has a need to do so. Eschatology is exactly like that to the average Joe and it will remain so until the end. Jesus said it repeatedly "…he that hath ears to hear, let him hear" (Mt. 11:15) so what difference can it make? In fact it is the difference between life and death!

Simply put, there are only two distinct possibilities regarding the possible outcome of the coming election and the choice made by America as the EU and "Columbia the Gem of the Ocean" intersect in history. Old NATO ties will be inadequate to explain what will be expected of us in our future relations with Europe.

If we elect conservative leaders as in the McCain-Palin ticket we may end up at odds with the powerful coming ruler. It could result in an all out conflict of world powers that results in the invasion of our shores by a pact of Eurasian nations sent to bring us into submission. Is this my idea? Not on your life. It was allegedly a vision given to George Washington on the battlefields of Valley Forge. You might want to Google "The Vision of George Washington" to get the basics. Whether the vision is true or not makes little difference because the result will be the same. If we insist on our sovereignty as we always have we will buck the emerging EU and its rulers. How that will play out will be disturbing at the very least.

If liberals have their way in the upcoming election and the Obama-Biden ticket wins the day we can expect an entirely different outcome in the near future. It is no secret that Senator Obama is inclined toward world consensus in his foreign policy ideas and it is the sovereignty of the US that will suffer the most because of that. Any liberal leaning government in America will aid the coming ruler of the EU superpower, it is a foregone.

Like Jesus when he was slapped with the words "physician heal thyself" (Lk 4:23) I have been called upon to predict the outcome of the coming election. Sorry, a prophet is not a mere prognosticator and while soothsayers are not without a measure of acclaim "a prophet is not accepted in his own country" (Lk 4:24) I haven't a clue who will win the 2008 election but I am certain beyond a doubt we will intersect with the EU in ways few Americans are contemplating. That convergence will be a history changing matter that will affect every man women and child in this nation.

I would not insult the citizens of this country I love so much by saying they are too dumb to see the writing on the wall. Most Americans are simply too busy, preoccupied, distracted or complacent to take note of the facts revealed in Biblical prophecies. No one said this better than Christ who warned that it wasn't just a deceiver that could catch us off guard in the last days but our own everyday activities. "But as the days of Noe were, so shall also the coming of the Son of man be. For as in the days that were before the flood they were eating and drinking, marrying and giving in marriage, until the day that Noe entered into the ark." (Mt. 24: 37, 38)

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