Why An Online Accounting Service Is The Best Choice

by Joe Coffee - Date: 2008-09-21 - Word Count: 410 Share This!

Doing your accounting online can be very efficient and save time. Online accounting is simply defined as using the internet to set up, maintain, or review financial statements. This process can streamline the accounting needs of any individual or business to save money. Especially to start off with, an online accounting service can be cheaper.

An online accounting application can take the place of pencil and paper, an excel spreadsheet, or an expensive software program.

Compared to pencil and paper, online accounting is programmed with equations and formulas to automatically calculate sales, purchases, overhead, etc. Also, reports can be downloaded and printed anytime a hard copy is needed.

An excel spreadsheet is handy, but all the formulas and calculations must be set up and updated by the user on a constant basis. Online accounting can provide nifty shortcuts and tools that save time and promote accuracy.

Software provides many tools and user-friendly applications, but online accounting can provide push-button installation, regular upgrades, exchanging data files instantly, and backup and disaster recovery. Also, with an online accounting service there is a small monthly fee instead of one large initial investment.

Utilizing an online accounting service can be extremely helpful to a company that has multiple locations or does business in a wide area. The following example is just a conservative situation that would still assist the business greatly.

Imagine if a company had 3 different stores in just one city. To synchronize the books of the business done by those 3 stores, all three files (whether on paper of on a computer) would need to be gathered and added together. Not only would it take time and communication to get all them in one place, but the numbers would only be accurate for that business day.

Now imagine having one online accounting program that can be accessed by all 3 stores at the same time and after the numbers were inputted, the whole company's figures update in real time.

This one simple example of online accounting would save several hours each week for the bookkeeper and would be more beneficial to the business' operations. The example is just with 3 stores in the same geographical area, not to mention if the company had stores in different cities.

If a business out sources the accounting, online accounting is also a big help. The bookkeeper can have a log-in ID and gather the information for month-end statements or any audits that are ordered, by their selves.

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