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by MARILYN BOHN - Date: 2009-12-08 - Word Count: 746 Share This!

A few years ago I had horrible back problems. I had a bulging disk that was pushing on my sciatic nerve. It hurt so bad I couldn't sit, or lie down for very long. I would pace the floor and moan and groan. I went to an orthopedic surgeon and he said, "When you can't walk I can do surgery". I went to a neurologist the day before Thanksgiving and he said I had to have surgery and I needed to go to the hospital the day after Thanksgiving. I told him no, I wouldn't go in then because it was Christmas time and I had a lot to do. He countered by saying then I would be in the hospital on Christmas Day. I told him that was better than missing the Christmas season even with the pain. (I didn't have surgery and I did eventually get better).

I absolutely love the Christmas season. One thing I like to do is decorate every room in our home. While I decorate I organize clutter. This year it was the tree ornaments and needed organizing. I have children who have lived away from home for over 10 years and they come home for Christmas so I have all of their ornaments they made or I made for them through the years. This year I packed each daughter's ornaments in their own special box so they are not all mixed up together and now I can give them their own ornaments without any searching and hassle. Organizing this clutter was great fun as it brought back vivid, pleasant memories.

I like to mail packages I am sending to friends and family the day after Thanksgiving but this year it didn't happen. My daughter went to the post office two days later and the large parking lot was completely full so needless to say they weren't mailed that day. Two days later I chose a different post office to go to and a different time of day and within 14 minutes I had my packages all mailed. And I only had to stand in line for one other person.

To avoid lines and wasting time it is a good idea to choose a time of day to do errands when you think that business won't be as busy. But if you are caught in a line, so be it. If there are magazines nearby then you can thumb through them or bring your own and while waiting read some fresh, fun stuff. Sometimes the lines start moving too fast as you haven't finished reading. This has happened to me.

Do you stress about decorating your home, baking, shopping, attending parties or mailing packages among other things? Do you enjoy feeling stressed about Christmas? If you do feel stressed and you don't enjoy it stop and think about what you can change. Do you have too many decorations or decorations that you don't like but feel obligated to use? If you do now is the time to clear the clutter. Instead of baking as much buy some specialty pastries from a bakery, make a list and delegate part of the shopping.

Embrace the fact that you are feeling stressful. By that I mean acknowledge your feelings and then let go of things you need or want to do but know you simply don't have time or the energy to do. Make a plan, set some goals and as you complete each one check it off, take small steps, (Rome wasn't built in a day and you don't have to have everything done in a day). Stress can either motivate you or get you stuck. If you are stuck by stress then make a decision and get on with life.

If it is the parties that stress you but you are obligated to go make a goal to meet 3 interesting people during the evening. Instead of feeling stressed and overwhelmed by setting a goal it will make a big difference in how you feel during the evening.

My wish for you is that you will have the most joyous, satisfying Christmas season. As a professional organizer I know that by organizing clutter the Christmas season can be a most sparkling time of the year.

Marilyn, a professional organizer and author is passionate about organizing for women and seniors in clearing clutter from their lives. Her new book "Go Organize!" will be in bookstores Dec 2009. Visit her website

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