Top 16 Car Tyres- Advice for Buying Car Tyres

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Tyres are one of the most important components of a car in terms of safety and performance. They are the only point of contact between a vehicle and the road. So how do make the right choice of car tyre?

After extensive testing at Bridgestone's headquarters in Italy, leading UK motoring magazine Auto Express have published their top 16 car tyres on the market today.

They focused on the current best selling 16-inch tyres. A series of simple assessments were carried out in the wet and the dry. The 16 brands that came out on top were;

1. Goodyear Hydragrip

2. Vredestein Sportrac3

3. Continental Contipremium- Contact 2

4. Michelin Primacy HP

5. Bridgestone Turanza ER300

6. Uniroyal Rainsport 1

7. Toyo Proxes T1R

8. Dunlop Fastresponse

9. BFGoodrich G-Force Profiler

10.Maxxis Victra MA-Z1

11. Kumho Ecsta Sport KU31

12. Fulda Carat Progresso

13. Matador Aquila Evo

14. Hankook Ventus Prime K105

15. Yokohama C.Drive

16. Pirelli P7

Take a look at the Auto Express website for more information about the assessments and see the scores given to each car tyre brand.

But apart from the magazine recommendations what else should you consider before choosing a car tyre brand. Why not just go for the cheapest?

Buying inexpensive car tyres will save you money in the short term. But the tyres will wear out faster and need replacing more often than better quality, more expensive alternatives.

Another consideration is whether the cheaper tyres are the correct type for your vehicle. Incorrect or poorly manufactured car tyres can affect your car's handling, which in turn can increase fuel consumption and will cost you more in the long term.

If you are finding it difficult to choose between two different tyre brands there are three other important factors to consider:

1. Braking Ability

It is not only the quality of the brakes that determine how quickly a car is brought to a halt. Car tyres are a major factor; with some tyres working better in different driving conditions than others.

2. Tread Patterns

The design of the car tyre's tread pattern can affect its handling in wet and dry conditions. Aquaplaning can be a problem in wet conditions and different tread patterns are better at preventing this happening.

3. Tyre Noise

Certain car tyres are quieter than others, which is an important factor if you spend much of your time driving up and down the motorways.

The best approach when buying new car tyres is to visit an independent car tyre specialist. They have experts who can provide you with impartial advice on the best tyres, based on your vehicle's requirements and your driving circumstances.

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James Todman is a freelance Web Content Editor. are one of the leading independent car tyre specialists in the UK. Visit their website for free vouchers, including 10% off your next MOT, free wheel alignment check and free locking wheel nuts.

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