Getting Big Muscles Quick

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Want to share with you methods to get big muscles quick. Many people know how to put on muscle, but it tends to be such a long term process that there is no gratification for the work. We're talking about maybe half a pound a week and that means it will take you a year to put on any substantial muscle. Gratification for your work is important because if you don't get it you're bound to quit. It takes a much different approach to get a much faster result. I think that most people deserve to know how they can achieve big muscles quick.

Things are quite that simplistic, but you can achieve a lot, if you know exactly what is required of you. As you get better at this, you'll learn that routine and consistent behavior plays a big role in the whole process. It doesn't matter how good you lift one day, but only if you've been consistent over time. I'm going to show you that getting big muscles can be on the easy side with the right information.

First, lets start with the training. To build big muscles, you need to lift heavy weights. You want to focus on compound exercises that focus on multiple muscle groups. The basic exercises you should be focusing on are:

Bench Presses
Back Rows, (Dumbbell or Barbell Rows)
Shoulder Barbell Presses
Lat Pulldowns
Leg Presses

These are 7 of the most basic, yet muscle building exercises, that will stimulate growth in your muscles. You also need to lift these heavy weights in a certain rep ranges that stimulate fast-twitch muscle fibers. These are the fibers that are responsible for the majority of muscle size. The ideal rep range to build large muscles is between 6 and 12 reps.
The way you eat is going to define the results. A lot of people wish they could lift weights and that would be it because that only requires a little bit of time. A diet is an all day thing that you do even on your days off. It's time to cut out all the junk and I'm not talking about just junk food, but all the processed food that is full of chemicals.

When it comes to the gym, I'll show you how to get big muscles and it will probably surprise you. Your testosterone levels drop immediately after you start lifting. You need this hormone to create muscle and it drops right away. Staying at the gym for an hour or two, is useless. Your testosterone is completely gone and you're wasting time. I workout for a short 7 minutes. I workout very intensely during that time, but the 7 minutes insures that I have high levels of testosterone in my system.

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