Wake Up & Smell The Poison

by Iman Ashour - Date: 2007-04-16 - Word Count: 565 Share This!

Welcome to chemical rehab folks!

Step Number 1: learning and understanding that we as humans have excelled in most aspects of life, yet have plunged into desperate failure in others.

This century has seen many revelations and evolutions. Great discoveries, unique inventions & amazing advances in the medical and scientific worlds that have eventually lead to the ultimate challenge of our creator as we succeed in molecular genetics and continue to figure out methods of cloning.

We have advanced so much and have become the rulers of the universe………Or have we?

Let me step back to the "medical & scientific" parts as I would like to focus on a combination of these if you will.

Being a doctor and having always feeling the need to acquire more knowledge as I swim deeper into the sea of Anesthesia and the physiology of the body to learn how drugs affect it, how it affects drugs, why do people react to drug X while others don't…etc.

I decided to switch gears and look into what I and a million and one other people expose ourselves to at home and or work day in and day out for a large portion of our lives.

The reason behind that was that I, just like many others, always had these nonspecific vague symptoms such as fatigue, tiredness, not being in the mood. You could almost always catch me complaining of some sort of headache, my sinuses were not the best, I didn't have the best memory for a woman my age, and I would be easily distracted or agitated. Every now and then I would feel the need to step out to get some fresh air as I was feeling short of breath. Itchy, sneezy, watery eyes, congested, wheezy…YOU NAME IT I HAD IT!

But why?

Every now and then a bad thought would creep into my head and I would find my self running to my doctor asking him for this blood test and that x ray or that C.T scan.

Results….. ALL NORMAL.

But why?
Was I crazy?

No, I wasn't. Here I was running around like a chicken with its head cut off thinking I have this rare ailment that would be an amazing medical discovery once someone.. well …discovers it. Meanwhile I was not seeing or perhaps to better phrase it " ignoring "what was staring me hard in the face.

It's been there all along, building up inside of me, just like it is in you, this build up was a result of my poor knowledge and understanding of what it is I was bringing into my home and allowing myself to become exposed to which resulted in these manifestations.

MUNCH on this till step 2 of chemical rehab:

-Accurately estimating the numbers & levels of chemicals that humans are exposed to is almost IMPOSSIBLE.

-Testing, labeling and monitoring programs capture ONLY a FRACTION of the chemicals we are exposed to.

-As well as being exposed to the chemicals which the mother is exposed to daily, a DEVELOPING FETUS is exposed to chemicals that have been stored in maternal tissue and becomes released during pregnancy.

-Exposure to chemicals in preschool children have been shown to be greater INDOORS than OUT. (1) Chemicals build up from products as those used for cleaning, personal care & cosmetics.

-According to the EPA's office of children health protection, there have been over 80,000 commercial chemicals developed and used within the last century, and most have NOT been tested for toxicity to adults & children. (2).

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About the Author: Dr. Iman Ashour is a 30 year old health seeking individual whos target goal is helping people establish and understand the science of a solid health and wellness home business. She is currently working from home and feels it a must to educate others by providing methods to expand their health as well as financial well being.

dr_halifaxhealth@yahoo.com Iman Ashour M.D. http://www.halifaxhealth.fourpointwellness.com 1- (wilson et al 2003) 2- neurol. clin. 23 2005,321-336

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