Relaxing in Your Hammock Swing

by Andrew Bicknell - Date: 2007-01-25 - Word Count: 342 Share This!

A hammock swing without anyone sitting in it looks much like a hanging bundle of ropes. It can be hard to envision anyone sitting in one with any degree of comfort, but even though it looks weird once you are swinging snuggly in its confines it is a truly comfortable and relaxing way to spend a quiet afternoon. So if you are thinking of purchasing one don't be put off by the appearance, a hammock swing is a great addition to anyone's deck or patio.

As with just about everything else there are several different varieties of hammock swing on the market today. A basic no frills model basically looks like someone took a regular hammock and folded it in half and that could very well be where the idea for this type of hammock came from. In the center of this folded hammock is a basket. This basket is where you site and enjoy the gentle swaying of your new hammock swing. These types of swings are the least expensive.

At the upper end of the hammock swing price continuum is the "Air Chair". These are truly the luxury models in the hammock swing world and consist of a bucket seat made of cloth that is suspended by an intricate system of rope supports, wooden bars and cloth coverings. The "Air Chair" takes the concept of the hammock swing one step farther by offering the option of a foot rest much like you would find on a recliner. There's nothing quite like kicking back on a warm summer evening and putting your feet up.

Hammock swings for the most part are not very expensive. The more cushy "Air Chairs" are the most expensive and depending on which model you decide on could cost as much as $200. The simpler versions of the hammock swing will run anywhere from $50 to $100, again depending on which brand and style you decide to get. Once you've made your choice the outcome is the same, hours spent relaxing on warm summer nights in your new hammock swing.

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