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Creating your own Avatar the last Airbender costume
One can represent himself or herself by creating his r he Avatar. According to Hindu mythology, Avatar implies a manifestation of Avatar. Nowadays, people want to create their own avatar, whether it may be a party of any event, avatar costume is in-vogue. If it is Halloween, Xmas or New Year's Eve party, you can make it amazing and more exciting with avatar costume. If you want to beat the crowd in the party, then you can either cerate your own sophisticated avatar costume or you can buy it from any online or local costume store.
You can conveniently purchase avatar costume from a shop since you can straight select the avatar that you like. But f you want to look different and exactly like the avatar you like, then it is advisable to create your own avatar. This will not only make you look original you, but will even provide you a great level of confidence. In fact you will be able to represent yourself more explicitly as you will have to imagine your image in that avatar. Although, you have to invest time and efforts to make your own special avatar, but it is worth it. While creating your own avatar costume, you need to consider a few essential things that will bring out a perfect you. Here are a few points that will certainly help you create your own avatar costume perfectly:
- Skin and Body: Firstly, you should be sure which avatar you want to create for yourself. Accordingly, you must pay attention on the skin and body color, formation and outlook. You need to carefully choose the shades to color your body so that it doesn't deviate from the original form. The hands and feet must be exactly similar to the avatar you prefer to be. Suppose you choose an avatar which has more than ten fingers and feet, then you can pick over-sized gloves and modify it as per your requirement.
- Hair: Obviously, its true that, you will see several online costume stores from where you can purchase the required wig conveniently. Whether you are looking for long, dark hair, braids, dreadlocks, or blonde colored open hair, you get everything that you want.
- Ears: Never forget, every avatar has different types and sizes of ears. There are different types of ears that fit the human ears perfectly and you can shop them easily at any online costume store. Elf ears or pig ears, everything is conveniently obtainable out there.
- Face: Once you know your avatar, you can make-over your facial features to go exactly with that one, like broad or thin nose, small or large eyes etc. There are foam latex masks accessible on the famous auction web sites too.
- Clothing: You can get the avatar clothes customize as per your fit. All you need to do is pick right material and colour that matches exactly to the true avatar. You can hire a tailor and get it stitched according to your measurements. Remember to use fabrics and colors that match perfectly with the avatar.
- Jewelry and weapons: No avatar costume without perfect jewelry and weapons that the avatars carry. Though you might have to search for a costume shop where you can get the similar jewelry and weapons, but you can get it conveniently.
Well, now that you have successfully created your own avatar costume, its time to beat the crowd.....

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