My Recent Psychic Messages From Spirit About Michael Jackson

by Cherokee Billie - Date: 2009-07-21 - Word Count: 536 Share This!

Here's the latest information I have received from spirit on July 17, 2009 regarding Michael Jackson. I know that the autopsy report is going to show that Michael died from a drug overdose causing cardiac and pulmonary arrest. There was no conspiracy to kill him. This was strictly accidental. He had been using drugs for a long time and thought he could handle the amount that was given.

Doctor Murray is going to be the prime suspect by the LAPD homicide division. It's quite apparent that he was the doctor that gave the final injection. Eventually criminal charges will be brought against him and he will serve time in prison. Also several other doctors are going to be brought up on charges for prescribing massive amounts of drugs, similar to the Anna Nicole Smith case.

Michael's mother is really suffering and it's taking a toll on her health. She needs to be looked after carefully and comforted because she could have a health crisis. She definitely is doing a wonderful job with his children. Janet is being a mother to those children right now. Having their nanny back is giving them a sense of security which they haven't felt since their father died. The children are having a difficult transition living with their grandmother, even though they love her. It's still not the lifestyle that was free and easy and playful with their father. Their grandmother is teaching them a new religion and I keep hearing Michael Jackson saying, "No, this is not what I want for them. I was teaching them religious values, but I don't want them brought up in such a restrictive religious format."

Because of the security risk of burying Michael's body the family cannot come to a conclusion as to what they should do at this time. Michael does not want to be frozen in cryogenics and would prefer that the family have him cremated and the ashes scattered, so that no one has to worry about his body after his death. It would be costly because of round the clock security to make sure no one stole his body and this would put more pressure on the family then they need. He would like his ashes scattered in the mountains far away from everyone. He does not mind if his family makes a memorial for him at some time. Right now he would just like to see his family have peace and not be so burdened.

His estate is going to be argued about for several years. His will is going to be contested by people outside of the family. All of his investments will be tied up for several years. What he has left for is children will be uncontested and they will receive everything that he has left for them.

I truly wish that the family could see how happy Michael is now. They are too caught up in grief to realize he is free and happy. The family would be greatly comforted if they knew that his spirit is happy and he is with them even though they cannot see him.

I will continue to post messages as I receive them from the Great Spirit or from Michael Jackson's spirit.

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