Collectible Porcelain Doll Buying And Cleaning Guide

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Porcelain dolls have been popular for a number of years and are generally produced for home decoration and collection purposes. Most porcelain dolls are mass produced, but a few unique ones are painstakingly hand-made in limited quantities. If doll-collecting is a hobby of yours then you would probably want to get your own collectible porcelain doll. Use the following tips to shop for the perfect porcelain doll.
Decide whether you want to display your porcelain doll as home decor or keep it as part of a larger collection for your own viewing pleasure. If you want to get an antique hand-crafted doll then there are some specific features that you need to take note of. You also have to decide whether you will be getting just one doll or several dolls carrying one theme or period. You may also want to collect a set of porcelain dolls made by the same artist. Popular examples of such dolls are Madame Alexander dolls, Victorian dolls, and Miniature Fairy dolls. Of course, you can expect antique collectible dolls to be pricier than decorative dolls.
To ensure that the collectible porcelain doll you get is of top quality, ask for an expert's opinion and find out what the best antique dolls are. Shop only at reputable antique shops or auction houses and never forget to note the doll-maker's label. Review online auction sites to get an idea of what collectible dolls are considered hot items and how much a buyer paid for them. Bear in mind that there are a lot of antique doll reproductions. These dolls are great for decorating purposes, but they do not have much collectible value. Be careful not to get duped into buying a reproduction for the price of the real thing.
To keep your doll collection looking great, you will have to clean it from time to time. Be sure to clean it properly so as not to cause any damage to the doll. Remove all clothing from the doll and wash them according to the manufacturer's instructions. Some garments may need to be dry-cleaned, so be sure to read the labels carefully. Turn on your blow dryer to a cool setting and then point it towards the doll to remove dust and bits of loose dirt. Dip a piece of clean cloth into cool water then gently rub the doll using a circular motion. Start rubbing at a hidden part like the back of the doll's neck. Check to make sure that no damage is being caused by the cloth.
If the cloth causes no damage, continue the rubbing motion until all parts of the doll is clean. Dampen a cotton swab and then use it to clean small areas around the doll's ears, mouth, and nose, as well as between the doll's fingers. Take note that a collectible porcelain doll that is really old may be prone to cracking. You have to use a very small amount of water on this type of doll in order to prevent damage.

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