Grooved Golf Swing Series: How To Vary The Effects Of Your Bunker Shots

by Bill Maitland - Date: 2006-12-10 - Word Count: 529 Share This!

Practice is needed to perfect your bunker play.

It is not a nice feeling to be in a bunker and not really know how the ball will behave when you hit it out, or if you lack total confidence to get the ball onto the green.

Today, I want to add a little more to your technique and skill. I want to tell you how to get more or less spin onto the ball, and how to get more or less run on the ball after it has landed on the green.

We have all watched the professionals hit their ball out of a bunker and with only a few feet of green to play with, land their ball and make it stop beside the hole.

Then again, hit their shot and watch the ball run and stop beside the hole that is situated 30 or 40 feet from the bunker. They all make it look so easy and they say it is an easy shot, preferring often to hit out of a bunker than chip from green side.

Firstly, here is how to hit a soft shot with little back spin.

All you do is hit well behind the ball and do not take much sand beneath the ball. Hit a shallow shot from, say three inches behind the ball. Take care not to come up on the shot as then, you may skull the ball over the green.

Now how to hit a ball that runs on after landing.

Same shot as before, with slight variation. Hit say 3 inches (7 cm) behind the ball and take more sand. Hit your shot quite a bit deeper than for the above soft shot.

This will get your ball onto the green but it will do little else. It will be a soft shot and will go up in the air and land softly and stop. It will of course break to the right a bit, (right handers) so don't forget to allow for this.

Lastly, how to create a great deal of back spin that stops the ball quickly

All you do is hit a shallow shot beneath the ball but this time you hit close to the ball. Say about one inch or 2 to 3 centimetres behind the ball.

What I did when I first heard all this was write it down on a small piece of card that would fit into a small pocket on my bag and before each bunker shot I would refer to it to make refresh my memory and make sure I was going to hit the correct golf shot.

More to this bunker play than meets the eye isn't there?

Now, how hard do you hit your bunker shots?

The swing speed should be constant being controlled by the length of the back swing.

However, if you would rather vary your swing speed, the rule is to hit your bunker shot as hard as you would hit your chip shot from short of the green.

The rule is that if you have a 20 foot bunker shot, then hit the ball as hard as you would if you had a forty foot chip from short of the green.

A chip shot twice the distance of the bunker shot.

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