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by M. Jones - Date: 2007-02-09 - Word Count: 425 Share This!

Being Successful Online, whether you are after money or admirers, depends on content. Keyword rich content attracts new readers and new original ideas helps keep the ones you already have. It can be said that the readers you already have are not as valuable as first time readers because they do not click on the ads. They have another purpose and that is to spread the word. Your content must be so useful and wisdom-full that they must come to depend on you. Once they do they will find themselves coming back just to check if you have any new tasty advice and may end up adding a link to your site. If your content is really good they may even recommend you to other bloggers who as for their help.

There is a downside:
Good original content takes TIME to create. It takes time to write it and to 'come up with ideas'. Quite frankly if you are struggling with ideas to write about then you are not spending enough time online digesting other readers ideas. It is very important to 'stay in the game' and not to limit yourself to your current knowledge. You should constantly be learning and getting closer to becoming an expert in your niche.

Content is also the one and only thing on a blog that can bring its creator satisfaction. This is not because it is the most significant way to get traffic to your blog, but because after completing a post you get (well I do) a sense of achievement, which I find to be encouraging. Often it is just what I need to get my ass in gear and do some SEO. It is all to easy to slip into habits of posting less and less until you give up, which has caused the grizzly end of many a nerd.

Regularly posting new content is a MUST in the eyes of the search engines. As written in my previous posts about SEO (search engine optimisation) Google does not like 'dead' sites. This is one of the big advantages blogs have over websites, that they can and MUST be updated at least once a week. Once a day to have visible progress and more than once a day is even better. The search engine spiders crawl though your site picking up the new post and its tags, adding it to their database.

So remember, as long as you keep developing your knowledge you will have something to write about. Feel free to use my amazing knowledge :p to grow your blog!

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Hi, I am studying my A levels at Cambridge,England. I hope (and will!) read archeology and anthropology at University (or 'college'). I have a blog filled with expert advice about making money online. Come visit it at

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