Being an Entrepreneur

by Eva Radsliff - Date: 2007-01-20 - Word Count: 291 Share This!

I have never been the conventional type. I always did something different from everybody else. I joined controversial groups and was constantly looking for an adventure. Being an entrepreneur can give you that. Working for an employer was not my cup of tea. I always felt trapped and stuck in a rut.

If I stayed for more than one year with an employer it was because I either really loved my work or was forced to earn a certain minimum amount of money a year. I never gave up looking for the right opportunity for me and my family.

I finally settled with Network Marketing after many years of trying different ventures. Network Marketing is a great opportunity to create your own life and be independent from fixed income, schedules and employers. It is also a wonderful way to make new friends and meet new people of all walks of life. Network Marketing has added new meaning to my life and is helping me grow and learn. It is enriching my life on a daily basis.

Personal development and self improvement are a vital step to Network Marketing. Without it you stultify your personal growth. Doing this I learned to overcome objections, considerations, rejections and self invalidation. I was convinced I couldn't do this. Reading self help books and listing to lectures I learned that I can do anything if I put my mind to it. The other thing I had to learn was a willingness to learn from the ones who have already walked the path and hold out a helping hand.

One thing I learned from this was to never give up and always keep looking, because I found when I continued my search, I would always find what I was looking for.

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