Every Women Entrepreneur Should Watch American Idol!

by Mary Foley - Date: 2007-04-25 - Word Count: 525 Share This!

I almost can't believe I'm recommending this! Now let me tell you why. Because the "America Idol" TV show is great learning about what it takes to stand out in the marketplace. That's what all these singers are trying to do. I've never intended to watch the show but when I was channel surfing during a commercial break of another show I was enjoying, I was pulled in. There they were; this beautiful group of young guys and gals performing. They were performing their hearts out and then they would get critiqued. That's when it hit me. The judges were evaluating these performers much like customers assess entrepreneurs in the marketplace.

For example, the judges - you know who I mean: Randy, Paula and the infamous Simon - would make comments on the singer's voice quality and whether or not they were sharp or flat (mainly sharp by the way, but I didn't notice 'cause I can only sing Karaoke and not that well). So, in my mind, they are checking out their technical competence, how well they do the core skill of singing. Entrepreneurs are also expected to do one skill very well. Not perfect mind you, but really, really well. To me, it's an ante into the game of business.

The wannabe idols were also assessed by how well they moved on the stage and interacted with the audience, both the live one and the one through the camera. There were times when I was amazed at how well some of these guys and gals made me feel they were looking straight at me with the emotion while they belted out a ballad. Some were "entertaining" as Randy said more than once. Paula sometimes stood up and swayed in response to how she felt pulled in. It reminded me that in business it's not enough to be good at your core skill as a bookkeeper, coach, or free lance writer. Customers want more, they want an experience, from the time they meet you through the time you deliver the goods to the time you wrap up. The singers who created an experience usually received louder applause.

Then came the most interesting learning for me as an entrepreneur. After maybe 2 or 3 singers, one of more of the judges said that what made singers stand out and be exceptional was an "x" or "it" factor. They had an extra special quality that beamed from them and made their performance extra powerful. I noticed that those singers felt more relaxed and comfortable in their own skin. I thought...I want that! Then I realized there were two qualities to those who had "it" that I could apply to myself as an entrepreneur: passion and self-confidence. If I want to be a real "star" as an entrepreneur, that's what I have to exude. Tall order, but someone's gonna do it and it might as well be me. How about you?

Who knew that watching American Idol would teach me so much?! But it did: be good at my core skill, create an experience for customers, be passionate, and believe in myself. Now this is advice I can heartedly recommend to ANY entrepreneur!

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