How To Write Great Dating Personals Ads

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The most important aspect of successful online dating is the profile you post for online dating personals. Yet many times, profiles are written quickly to get a description up online, and without thought about what makes someone more attractive online.

When you're writing your dating personals ads online, make your profile stand out. You'll get better responses, from people who learn more about you from your profile and share your interests. And in comparison to the others posting their profiles, yours will stand out as being more thoughtful, and more complete.

Take a look at other profiles to get an idea of what doesn't work! Do you skim a number of online profiles because they don't seem gripping? Without enough detail, profiles start to all sound the same. Take time to put some detail into your own online profile. Speaking with several friends who are single, I've found that they like to know what books someone likes, find out the types of movies people enjoy, hear about their spiritual preferences plus see someone's recreational likes to learn more about the person. This can help your profile to stand out since many people will skip those sections or put in only a word or two due to rushing.

Another way to stand out is to make your online identity clear right form the start with your user name. When you choose your username for your profile you can of course use a variation of your own name. Or, instead you can combine words to create a name that illustrates your interests such as kayaklover or jazziscool etc. They get an idea right up front of what is most important to you.

Be sure to add detail when describing your main interests, not just listing them. Many people state that they love sunsets, bicycling, nature and eating out so if you do mention this you should expand on these and mention additional interests in order to differentiate yourself. This way you will make yourself more unique. If you are open to different spiritual traditions then it's good to list them all as this also can widen the responses you'll receive. The same holds true for the categories of interests and exercise that many online dating sites include. Go through the lists and be sure to put down things that apply to you, even if they are not main interests of yours. For example, even if you aren't into astrology, put down your sign as some people like to use that as an indicator as well.

People like to read about what someone's learned from past relationships so writing about one's compassion, acceptance and other qualities can go along way. While you don't want to drag out your description of the past relationship gone bad, showing that you are someone who can learn from mistakes and change for the better is always attractive. No one wants to meet someone with a lot of bitterness, anger and heavy baggage, so be sure not to make your profile focus on negatives. Use positive words and images. If you are still feeling a lot of unresolved issues from the past, posting it all in your online profile is not the way to deal with it; go find a good counselor and tell them about it, not your prospective online dating match!

On many of the dating sites, try to log in frequently, because by logging in fairly regularly your profile can more easily move closer to the top because the site order for profiles is based on the activity date. Some sites allow you to send a wink or smile at someone. However, in asking online dating service members about this, many said they would rather get an e-mail instead of a wink as it helps them to get to know the person a bit more and has much more of a personal touch. It's just too easy to send a wink to someone, and can look as if you are just going through a long list of members and sending winks to everyone on the list. There's nothing personal about it, so avoid it, and be more thoughtful.

Following these tips can help build an online dating profile that stands out, and boost the response to your dating personals.

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