Thankfulness Creates Your Future and Fortune

by Dorothy M. Neddermeyer, PhD - Date: 2006-12-07 - Word Count: 347 Share This!

You have heard the expression, 'an attitude of gratitude.' Every successful person I know expresses an abundance of gratitude.

Think of your good fortune. Living life in a continual state of thankfulness allows you to manage life with ease. Thankfulness is holding a state of gratitude for life's learning opportunities.

Too often people look at life from 'the glass is half empty.' How can one think of their good fortune when one sees 'the glass as half empty?' How can you build gratitude into your skill set, in ways that help you navigate through daily complexity?

Make a list. You will be amazed at the number of items you generally take for granted. We usually think of loved ones, good health, fulfilling careers, simple joys-enjoying the quiet, sunrise and sunsets or the companionship of friends, family and pets.

Regardless of what you have or who you are, your list can be ever expanding. If you have difficulty making a list beyond the usual things, remember to include the incredible and fantastic person you are. Be thankful for the person who gives you angst-they have a gift for you. People are the most effective way for anyone to learn and grow-they hold up the mirror for you to see yourself. They bring to you the issues you need to learn about and move beyond. They are bringing the perfect gift for you-their behavior that you see experience as difficult now. Once you have learned what you need to remember-their behavior will no longer annoy you.

Being appreciative and thankful heightens the joy of your experiences and attracts more of those experiences when you hold thankful thoughts in your consciousness. Living in a state of gratitude brings more things and experiences to be grateful for-the ultimate in creating what you want.

So why isn't everyone one living in this powerful state of thankfulness all the time? The reason is simple-we have been indoctrinated and programmed to see the negative versus the positive-to complain instead of giving thanks.

You can change this habit in your life by simply remembering to give thanks for all that you experience.

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