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Golf shoes are an important part of golf for both the game and the player.

On a Game Level, different golf shoes and their respective spikes cause daily damage to the course. The traditional metal spike was the major offender and has been banned from most courses. The introduction of softspikes in the early 1980s has helped reduce wear and tear on the fairways and greens. The most promising shoe is the new generation spikeless golf shoe which minimizes damage to all playing surfaces.

For the average player, course damage is key for a couple of reasons. First, the resulting maintenance adds to the golfers playing fees. Second, it affects the playing quality of the turf and respectively the golfer's score for the money paid to play. Neither is a good thing.

USGA.COM reports that "golf is one of the few games, perhaps the only one, where the player's own equipment - [specifically] spiked shoes -- directly, undeniably, and significantly affects the most critical playing surface of the game - the putting green".

The growing market trend is to promote spikeless golf shoes and there are some very good reasons why. From a Player Level there are no residual maintenance fees for spikes. Additionally, the shoes offer the same if not better technology related to comfort and play. Finally, they are kind to the course.

GolfIllustrated.com reports that there are a few primary players that make up the market for noncleated golf shoes. That is "good news ... [since] they are focused on bringing golfers the best products possible, including incredible technology, fantastic fashions, comfort never imagined possible just 10 years ago and [with] game-enhancing designs".

While each manufacturer has done special research and testing to enhance their respective golf products all have tried to improve shoes in a number of key areas: outsoles - durability and traction; insole comfort related to fit and feel AKA athletic last; and, materials related to endurance and flexibility. GolfDigest.com and the websites of the manufacturers highlight the following:

Adidas Golf Shoes: Adidas spikeless golf shoes are known for their unconventional coloring, styles and technologies. One of Adidas main features is the Clima Cool system that keeps the foot cool and dry through their waterproof technologies. They also feature Z-Traxion technology with lateral and linear design to maximize grip on surface areas. And, the manufacturer's patented torsion system helps to control excess movement and maintain stability for the golfer through play.

Etonic Golf Shoes: Etonic offers a durable spikeless mens golf shoe that is innovative in providing comfort and traction. Its new G-SOK features a wide-platform outsole made from a high-abrasion Goodyear rubber that's 20 times more durable than conventional rubber. This makes the gripping nubs super strong, and since they don't require receptacles, the shoe is even more lightweight and flexible. Etonic also offers a spikeless womens golf shoe with the same quality features.

FootJoy Golf Shoes:The FootJoy offers spikeless mens golf shoes in a variety of styles and colors. Most are of leather construction with a durable rubber outsole. They feature the EVA Fit-Bed(r), a lightweight removable insole that does not set, so the cushioning will remain the same for the life of the shoe. FootJoy spikeless shoes also feature "Slip Last Construction." - a technique often used in running shoes. This technique offers more contour and flexibility for comfort in the shoe. FootJoy also offers spikeless womens golf shoes with the same quality features.

Nike Golf Shoes: Nike goes "From Air to Zoom". Nike spikeless mens golf shoes combines a deep heel Air-Sole unit together with cushioned forefront Air unit to provide lightweight comfort with enhanced feel and performance through your weight shift. Their ultra-flexibleT@C4 (Traction at Contact) Spikeless outsole technology provides maximum traction, stability and flexibility. The Nike spikeless shoe has an athletic last built for well-rounded toe and fuller forefoot area for room to waggle and a standard instep. Nike also offers a spikeless womens golf shoe with the same quality features.

Whatever you choose to wear, golf shoes are the most basic part of your equipment. Spiked or spikeless, your shoes will make the difference in how you play and the condition of the course. If you are in pain and leaving tread marks all over the turf it's probably time for a new shoe. Visit the many golf websites on the internet research your option and put your best foot forward to improve your game!

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