The Questions That You Always Need To Ask Your Catalog Cover Designs

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So you have finished your cover design for catalog printing? Do you think your designs are good enough? Before you give the go signal though for catalog printing, you might want to ask a few important questions about your cover designs. When you print catalogs, it is important that you review your cover designs to make sure they deliver the right kind of message to readers. This helps in making your catalog covers more visible and more effective as well.

In this guide, I will give you the different important questions that you should always ask about in your catalog cover designs. Once you answer these questions precisely, then your designs should be fit for catalog printing.

Can it be seen from afar? - The initial question that you should always ask when it comes to your catalog covers is if they can be seen from afar. Visibility is a big factor in catalog printing. Most designers apply great efforts in designing a color catalog cover that can be noticeable, interesting and attractive even from afar. It is that start of attraction that helps color catalogs succeed over other simpler catalogs out there. So it is crucial to see if your own custom catalogs make the grade.

So ask yourself if indeed your color catalogs can be seen and is noticeable from afar. In fact you might want to test it out for yourself to make sure that many different types of people can notice it easily. The more visible your custom catalogs are, the more effective your cover design is at achieving its goals.

Is the type of catalog obvious after 5 seconds? - You should also try to discover if the "type" of your catalog is obvious after five seconds of looking at the catalog design. This is an important thing to ask, because you do not want to confuse the reader in the first five seconds as he or she judges your custom catalog cover. If you are selling digital gadgets for example, make sure that people see that the catalog is a gadget catalog. If you are selling clothes and accessories they should see it in the catalog design. You will not want to lose a potential customer just because the catalog cover design was unclear about what you are selling right? So make sure that the catalog "type" is obvious almost immediately with your cover designs.

Is the "unique" selling offer understandable in 5 seconds? - Another thing that must be obvious in your catalog cover design is your selling offer. That is why you must always ask, "is the unique selling offer understandable in 5 seconds?"? Basically, you should try to determine if that marketing angle for your catalog is clearly understandable in your cover quickly. People should realize if you are offering "the best discounts on gadgets" or if you have the "most fashionable and trendy accessories" for sale. Whatever your angle is, they should get this all from your cover immediately so that you can hook them into reading more of your catalogs. So pay attention and ask yourself if your catalog cover design is delivering that unique selling offer effectively.

Can the design last for a long time? - Lastly, you should always ask yourself if your custom catalog cover design can last for a long time. Unlike brochures, the life of a catalog is longer, and its promotional role requires a longer time allotment. This means that even in changing market environments it is important that your cover designs have content and formatting features that still looks current or contemporary.

You can do this by using simple, and classic formatting and design techniques that never really go out of style. Don't get too engrossed in specific themes, and use classic and professional layouts that have been used effective for years. This is the only best way to make your catalogs look timeless and still make them effective. So make sure that you ask the right questions and check if your catalog can stand the test of time.

So go back now to your catalog designs, and try to ask these different questions. Believe me, they will help a lot in creating your cover designs for catalog printing. Good Luck!

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