Right Trolling Motor Mount For A Complete Fishing Experience

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Imagine a fishing day when you could not catch a fish just because of the wrong trolling motor mount you have chosen. Imagine how difficult it is to navigate to the areas you would like to fish and possibly find your boat crash into floating logs, rocks, and stumps because of the mount for your trolling motor.

You can not just randomly pick a trolling motor without inspecting the quality of the mount it has. Choosing the right trolling motor mount is as crucial as answering the questions "Where" and "How" you mount the trolling motor for your boat. Here are the top three reasons why the right trolling motor mount will complete your fishing experience:

Wouldn't it be nice if you could enjoy a day fishing without worrying about your boat and trolling motor getting damaged because of different water conditions? Strong and solid trolling motor mounts are a must especially for bigger boats. Sometimes there are unpredictable water surfaces that you don't have time bothering while fishing. Bigger boats are harder to stop than smaller boats which generate less energy for impact. Without a sturdy and flexible mount, damage will be done extensively. That is why your trolling motor mount should have a Breakaway Mount technology that breaks away on impact from any direction which in turn protects your shaft, motor, and boat. Have it together with Minn Kota's composite shaft that is virtually indestructible as it flexes on impact then returns to its original state.

Well, you can't just fish all day when someone has stolen your boat. This would not happen if you can remove the trolling motor from the boat yourself. Having a quick-release mount by Minn Kota and MotorGuide motors is an undeniably good way of safekeeping your investment, whether it's from thieves or just because you'll be taking a break from fishing.

Don't wonder why your motor is not functioning well while fishing. You cannot be an angler and a technician at the same time. Compatibility is always an issue. If you choose the wrong trolling motor mount for the type of boat you have, it will surely depreciate your performance. Bow-mount trolling motors are made for boats with enclosed bows while Transom-mount trolling motors clamp to the transom and are operated by a forward-facing handle that functions as both the steering tiller and speed control. A Lever Lock Bracket/ One-Hand stow is ideal for Transom mount location while a Latch and Door/ Bowguard is ideal for a Bow mount location. Mounting brackets and quick-release brackets are not compatible to all motors, thus selecting the right one is always essential. Minn Kota and MotoGuide have already defined these configurations so you have a ready trolling motor set for you.

Are you the type who wants to fish by straight-forward trolling or do you prefer back-trolling? Then you have to change the trolling motor itself. If you constantly change the way you fish, you have to explore the magnificence of exploring the Adapter Plate. The plate allows hole patterns from previously mounted motors to be used with composite brackets. Trolling motor mounts should have this feature for you to be flexible as a top angler.

Fishing experience is about enjoying the catch, not minding the difficulties of your trolling motor. With the right trolling motor mount, you will surely affirm these top three reasons will be the effects of choosing the right one for your needs.

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