Bridal Shower Invitations - The Icing On The Cake

by Jeff Fain - Date: 2008-11-04 - Word Count: 421 Share This!

Bridal shower invitations are the icing on the cake, no pun intended, once the wedding is confirmed and the other wedding preparations are nearly finished or completely underhand. Bridal showers involve the maid of honor, bridesmaids, friends, relatives, and work associates of the bride. The only requirement, of course, is that they're female friends. Prospective brides need this time to network, learn from, and share stories with other married women. The time is useful for getting a female-only perspective on problems and trials endemic to marriages. It also prepares the bride for the joys and sorrows of marriage with the personal stories, anecdotes, and tools she needs to succeed. Think of a bridal shower almost like a female mastermind session. Husbands should not discourage bridal showers, and the husband should make every notable effort to stay out of the house during it. Women need their alone time with friends to really feel at ease and learn a lot about what marriage is going to be like.

The maid of honor, predictably, deals with sending out bridal shower invitations. The bride, however, is often involved in all aspects of planning the bridal shower. Infrequently, the maid of honor will feel it's a necessity to surprise the bride, but, in reality, many guests are often left out of the picture. This approach can backfire when several of the bride's friends don't show up. Your maid of honor may not be aware of friends outside her sphere of influence. Old friends from college, new friends from work, and obscure aunts and cousins won't get invited without first involving the bride. Plus, it's more natural for the guests to receive an invitation from the bride herself. Many people will feel wary about receiving an invitation from an unknown name. While surprise showers may seem fun, they're actually counterproductive, and in some instances, a bit of a hassle to pull off.

When it comes to bridal shower invitations, it's necessary that the bride sends out the invitations herself. Of course, a guest list can be procured from the bride, and then maid of honor can subsequently handle all the mailings. That's a no-frills way to take some of the stress off the bride and jointly ensure that all the guests will be there too.

Send out the bridal shower invitations up to two months before the wedding because a lot of couples are quite nervous before the wedding, and they think the added stress of a bridal shower could be a little too much before the current time.

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