Network Marketing Automation vs. The Personal Touch

by David McKinley - Date: 2008-09-02 - Word Count: 1192 Share This!

I went back and forth on this for the longest time, before I realized that Network Marketing today is not about whether Automated Network Marketing is better than Traditional "in person" Network Marketing. Neither are better, at this point in time. Network marketing is a person to person business, there is just no way around this, but, at the same time, there are many ways to grow and enhance your network marketing business through automation.

If you are using only one method, you are missing out. That is why I have my main back end business where I use the teaching tool "Mentoring for Free" AND my up front business "The Spiderweb System". Both are automated, in some way or another, but one is more on the personal end and one is more automated because you need both if you are going to be successful in any MLM.

Although, both my main business use automated tools, I still have to stress it cannot ever be fully automated. People need people. With the Spiderweb System, the people I meet are looking for an automated system but I teach them that you must connect with the people that sign up and teach them to do the same or you will end up iin a state of prepetual lead prospecting.

This is because people will drop out. They will give it a try, they will not have any idea what to do, and they will drop out. Or they may have some ideas but soon figure out that it is not as easy as they were thinking it would be and they will drop out. That is, unless you give them the critical tools for success.

You must give the people that sign up with you the tools to succeed, even if they already think they have the tools. People network market backwards. I woud not say that most people network market backwards if it were not for the fact that almost everyone that I meet who is in the middle of network marketing is not making money and often losing it. When I ask them how they are doing it, the answers are always the same, the way they have been doing it for years.

Old fashioned network marketing tools and techniques have been passed on for so long they are stuck in the stone age when they should be moving forward into the information age. The old tools and techniques have proven, over and over, they do not work.

Here is an example of one of the worst network marketing mistakes. The mistake of making everyone a prospect and that you should target anyone you can get to sit still and listen to first this sounds like it would work however the end result of this approach is to loose friends and alienate your family. Some old fashioned marketers will tell you that this is the way to go, they will tell you that it is a numbers game and out of all the people you tell about your opportunity most will fail but you will get a few people that will help you succeed.

This is total hogwash and I will tell you why. If you would like to make victims of 90% of the people that you talk into joining your opportunity, when they really were never interested in the first place, then go ahead. If you don't mind watching your friends and family spend money they do not have, even go broke trying to build their online mlm the wrong way then go for it. this is no way to grow a business In the real world and it is most definitely not my idea of a good time.

if you were selling fertilizer you wouldn't target restaurant owners, would you? If you were in the fertilizer business, you wouldn't hire a chef to sell or promote your products. So why would you be so passionate about targeting everyone and anyone (including family and friends) to build your MLM business? Why would you do this, especially, when you have access to the internet and the whole world? You shouldn't be wasting your time looking for people who aren't looking for you, How much more fun would your business the people you come in contact with you are actually found you and were already sold on what you had to offer?

Think about it. if you spend all your time working with people that will never succeed in network marketing you will be doing several things that will actually hurt your business. You will be wasting a vast amount of the time you could be spending helping the people that are right for this type of business and you will be trying to make a network marketer out of someone that is not right for this type of business. Worse yet, you will also be teaching them to do the same. If you do this, you will not only be getting nowhere yourself but you will be teaching your downline to go nowhere, as well.

This is where the automated aspect comes in. You can build your business without talking to even one friend, family member, co-worker, or any of the people you are standing next to in the grocery store.

When you automate an MLM, even though you still have to build and teach that network of people that sign up, you can use the internet to screen and qualify many people at once. And, if you use the right automated system, you can grow a huge network of business associates out of people who are already interested and motivated.

One of the critical tools you need to use these days with MLMs is a system that automates the parts fo the business that you don't have to do personally. One of the most important parts is lead generation. You can put yourself out there for interested people to find you, sign up and read what you are all about and then they can show you they are interested in being contacted for more information and this can all be automated.

Just relax and let the internet and an automated system generate interested and motivated leads, screen them, qualify them and educate them, all at the same time even before you have spent any of your time with them personally. I don't try to sign up anyone and talk them into an MLM, I screen them and then I spend my time making sure that I can do everything I can to help the people that are right for multilevel marketing in the first place.

There are other aspects to automated network marketing. I am just pointing out a few to give you a new perspective on the old system and hopefully help you start to bring together your network marketing with automation. Just remember, in the end, this business is about people. So use automation to free up the time you should be using to make sure your networking team is well cared for as well as duplicating your success.

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