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Here's a typical list of accessories for your GPS receiver/systems that might be useful for you. Highly recommend that you review the reading material in the Features/Gimmicks section of, to obtain an understanding of the kind of accessories you may need for your GPS application. Go to the 'Buy Them Here' section for a list of places where you can buy the accessories.

Adapters & Battery Chargers

1. Battery chargers are available with adapters for International & Regional A/C outlets.

2. Buy cables to charge your GPS receiver batteries from your automobile's batteries, through the cigarette lighter socket in your automobile.

3. An additional battery can be of help, when you are headed out on one of those long trekking trips into the wilderness.


1. External antennas can enhance your GPS receiver's signal reception.

2. Look for low profile antennas small in size.

3. External antennas are available with adhesive mounts or magnetic mounts or suction mounts (for example, for mounting on your car's windshield).

4. If you plan to mount the antenna outside your vehicle, make sure that it is waterproof.


1. Cables to connect your GPS to a computer's USB port. For example, you may want to plan your route on a computer and download it to your GPS.

2. Cables are available to power your GPS receiver from your automobile's cigarette lighter.

3. You may need long coaxial cables to connect your GPS receiver to the external antenna.

4. Cables can connect your iPod to your GPS unit.

5. Connect your GPS unit to your car stereo using a audio cable to hear turn-by-turn voice guidance loud and clear or simply to listen to MP3 music.

Carrying Cases

1. Carry cases to securely hold your GPS

Maps, Charts

1. When you buy a GPS receiver it is generally pre-loaded with regional maps or charts (maps for navigation on land and charts for navigation on water).

2. You may want to buy additional regional maps depending on where you want to go.

3. Typical maps available are for North America or Australia or UK or West Europe or USA or Italy/Greece or USA lakes,.......


1. You may need additional memory for your GPS to store bigger maps (maps are available for not just roads but for also points of interest such as restaurants, shopping complexes,...) and more advanced software versions.

2. Additional memory is available in forms, such as 128/256 MB Micro SD card, 32/64/128/256/512 MB Compact Flash Card, ...

For a more comprehensive knowledge of GPS today, refer to websites such as

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