Wild And Original Printing Tips For The Bored Designer

by Andrew Michaels - Date: 2010-02-16 - Word Count: 471 Share This!

Need some new ideas in promotional or commercial printing? Well look no further since in this article I just have a couple of wild and original printing tips that might just help you out. Just try to copy or remember the printing tips below and you should be printing wild and unusual things for your campaign that should make the business look better.

Print with special ink - Did you know that there are other types of inks besides the usual ones used in your printed materials? Yes besides the typical four color printing process with the four color ink combination, there are other processes that add in special properties to your printing. The best example of this is the use of metallic inks.

Metallic inks basically are specially coated inks that add that glitter or gleam quality to the print. So more or less they might look like they were made of silver, gold or copper. This is a really wild idea perfect for special promotional printed materials such as posters, flyers and even brochures.

Custom shapes and dimensions - You should also know that in today's printing world, anything can be done. Anything that your imagination thinks of can be printed. So if you want extra large prints of a certain kind such as a catalog or something you can actually customize your printing for that. You can also request most printing companies to change the shape of your print material to something specific. As long as you give the initial materials correctly, it is possible to really vary the size and shape of your prints. Again this is perfect for promotional materials where imagination and impact is key.

Using the paper materials to make things look different - You might also want to try to use a totally different paper material to make your printing look different. For example, you can try using textured paper on your posters, or you can use thick glossy paper finishes on your business card. The paper can really add a different aura to your design, and there are quite surprising and powerful results if you use it well.

Go beyond two dimensions in printing - Finally, if you really want to go wild, why not go beyond the two dimensions in printing. With this I mean you should try to envision using pop-up printed materials or embossed printing materials. Adding that third dimension to printing adds a more real feel to these materials making them quite more memorable than most other prints out there. It might require special printing techniques and some more money, but it really is a good idea and you might want to try it.
So if you are bored, why not try the ideas above for prints. Hopefully these printing tips should also give you some inspiration in trying out new things for printing.

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