Squeeze Stress Using Stress Balls

by Remy LeBeau - Date: 2008-07-25 - Word Count: 355 Share This!

Stress is always a part of one's experience when doing something, whether it is work related, school work, or solving problems. Others resort to using drugs or medication to relieve stress and others prefer the safer way - that is, using stress relievers, commonly known as stress balls.

Custom Personalized stress balls, squeezies and smoosh balls - a lot of names for such a simple product. A promotional  stress ball is a soft mass used for everyday stress relief. It comes in several configurations. A small beanie toy in the shape of a ball. A piece of polyurethane pig. A foam fireman. A soft rubber smiley.  The soft, squishy texture is what makes a promotional stress ball what it is.

How do you squeeze stress away?

Works as an instant exercise equipment - Exercise is known as the best way to naturally release endorphins - the happy hormone. It's a polypeptide which can affect your disposition. It works by blocking pain signals produced by the nervous system.

A channel to release tension -  The repeated action of squeezing a promotional stress ball helps relieve tension via muscle movement. Stress balls are very helpful if one is typing for several hours.

Used to vent out frustration - Bounce it off walls or other flat surfaces for a non-violent way of venting out deep-seated negative feelings such as frustration and anger.  

Distract oneself from problems - When it seems like you're carrying the weight of the world on your shoulders, using a stress ball as a play thing can help distract you momentarily from your problems. Doing so can help you collect your thoughts and better concentrate on a solution.

In today's busy corporate world, the beguilingly simple stress ball is an essential survival tool. It can help lengthen the big boss' ever-shortening temper. It can help relieve carpal tunnel pains for constant computer users. And for any employee in general, a stressball can make a bad day seem all right.

This makes the custom stressball a truly versatile giveaway. Stress can attack anyone and everyone - regardless of age, gender or lifestyle. So, whatever your target market, they would constantly find use for a promotional stress ball.


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