Why It Is Vital For You To Own An Ikea Catalog

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The first ikea catalog was published in 1955 and it was the main tool for marketing the ikea products. Today, it still is the main marketing tool and it is published in 55 different editions for 35 countries all over the world. The catalogs are very vital because they take 70% of the total ikea budget. The products contain over 12,000 products and come in 300 pages. The catalogs are very popular and the online editions have a religious following. It has been said that publications of ikea catalogs are so many and they have surpassed the bible in terms of quantity. Catalogs are produced annually and you can subscribe to an online ikea catalog and get to be informed. In Europe, more than 200 million people receive the catalog annually.

Together with the catalog', ikea produces a magazine which is published in 13 popular languages. So as to make purchases in the correct way, you need the information the catalogs have to offer. You can read on all the various product specifications and features. Therefore, when you go to buy the products in an ikea store, you know exactly what to expect. The ikea catalogs are distributed through stores or via mail order. They should never be sold and therefore, they are given out for free to the people. Some people never miss an edition because it usually contains so many ideas including very vivid and colorful pictures that will attract anybody.

You can subscribe online to receive not only catalogs from ikea but, you will get to receive emails on the latest happenings at ikea. Some of the products that you will get to view in catalogs are home furnishings and they include floors, chairs, lighting, tv solutions, desks, sofas, and the list is endless. To know when catalogs are available, you can keep on checking their site and if you have already subscribed to it, then they will update you through email about the latest ikea catalog available. Therefore, it is vital to get them if the home is close to your heart. There are many ways one can improve their home and this is the easiest way to be inspired. If you do not know where to start with refurbishing of your home, then this is a good place start.

The catalog contain many ideas on how to create a new kitchen and so many other rooms. You can have your dream kitchen in a very inexpensive way. The internet has useful guidelines that you can follow to achieve that distinct kitchen. One of the most vital aspect however in catalogs are the prices. You will get to know which ikea items are best suited for your budget. With ikea, you can be sure that the prices will be very affordable and the quality is also top notch. When you get your ikea catalog, make sure you go through majority of the products. This is necessary to make the best choice of product, you need to go through every product available that you might need to buy.

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