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You've got a highly-researched niche, and you've written the perfect SEO article to showcase it. The only problem is, no one's reading it, and you have no idea why! Chances are, your article's title is to blame. When it comes to SEO content, article titles can mean the difference between tons of success and an article that never gets off the ground.

Internet searchers have unbelievably small attention spans. You only have a few seconds to convince them to check out your SEO article. That's why the perfect title is so important - it makes the first impression, good or bad.

So, how do you create the perfect title for your SEO articles? Follow these tips:

1. Ask questions. Look at the title of this article. It grabbed your attention, didn't it?

Internet searchers have plenty of questions. That's why they're online - to get their questions answered. By asking a question in your title, you establish a personal connection with your readers. And, if you can get the words "you" or "yours" into your article titles, it can draw people in even further. Internet searchers want to know that you understand their needs.

2. Make the most of your article titles. Remember, you only get a few seconds to make a good impression. That's why your title needs to be as detailed as possible. When it comes to article titles, the longer the better. That way, readers know exactly what they're going to get if they read your content.

3. Article titles need to be catchy - without being sensational. Internet searchers don't read every word. Instead, they scan and wait for something to catch their eye. If your article titles stick out, your content is more likely to get read.

However, don't make your article titles too outrageous. There's a big difference between "Internet Marketing - 10 Secrets to Improve Your Online Profits" and "Internet Marketing - How You Can Become a Millionaire by Next Tuesday". Sure, the second title grabs your attention, but it also makes you look silly.

4. Article titles need to be created before you write your content. The best article titles are written before everything else. That way, you can make sure that you answer questions and fulfill promises made in your title. Good SEO content gives readers the information they want, quickly.

5. Do keyword research before creating your article titles - and get as many target keywords into your title as you can without stuffing. SEO articles are only as successful as their target keywords, and article titles are no different. Before you start writing, figure out which keywords will work best in your title. You need decent search numbers mixed with relatively low competition. Aim for keywords that have at least 2,500 searches, and have fewer than 3 million search results when you type them into Google.

Ideally, your best keyword should be in the first four words of your title. However, your article titles also need to sound natural. Don't force keywords into a title just to have them there.

6. The best article titles do not have any reference to a date or time. You want your SEO articles to stand the test of time. The best articles are relevant months or years after you write them. If you include a year or month in your title, you could miss valuable readers. After all, in the year 2013, no one will want to read an article that has 2010 in the title.

Nicole Beckett is a former journalist who has been writing professionally for more than a decade. She specializes in web content writing that grabs readers' attention. If your SEO articles are missing the mark, let Nicole give your content a boost!

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