Cast Bronze Sculpture and Aluminum Sculptures

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Created with all the charm of antique toys, bronze sculpture experts are able to produce whimsical yet durable objects of art. From reproductions of animals, to wall art, to wine stopper, cast bronze decorative items remain popular through time.

Bronze was first used approximately 5000 years ago in China to create items for ancestral worship. The Greeks made life sized figures, weapons, and art. The Egyptians used cast bronze to create thousands of small figurines. Now artists use it to make cast bronze metal toys, banks, wine stoppers, candlesticks, and figures.

An alloy of tin and copper, bronze was found easier to melt, it hardened stronger than copper and was more resistant to corrosion than iron. Cast bronze and aluminum decorative sculpture items are more common now, as modern day artist all other metals for decorative interest, yet retain the positive qualities of the bronze.

Bronze is the most popular metal used to make sculptures. It was used in the art foundries in Thailand, where it was valued for its color. Cast bronze has a natural patina, the green and blue coming from the copper compounds. Today cast bronze metal horses, turtles, frogs, bears and other animals wear the soft colors of these copper compounds.

Because of its durability, bronze has been valued throughout the ages. Bronze cannons were some of the first things looted from shipwrecks because of their value. Cast bronze sculptured decorative items were often taken by warring countries to be melted into weapons or life size statues of the new leaders of government.

Fortunately today bronze figures, toys, candlesticks and other artwork are available to those seeking valuable, durable, and attractive metal objects. Bronze sculpture artists and experts produce quality work that is available from the art foundry itself or in art galleries.

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For 3 decades, Scott Nelles has been creating sculptures of beauty and creativity in cast bronze. From toys to candlesticks, his work displays elegant design and superb craftsmanship. In his Northern Michigan studio, Nelles is inspired by the surrounding nature. He uses the timeless methods of sand-casting and hand-finishing to create wonderful pieces of sculpture in cast bronze and aluminum. You can visit his website to see and learn more.

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