Add Paint Appeal To Interior White Columns

by Julie Hampton - Date: 2007-01-04 - Word Count: 401 Share This!

Many homes have striking architectural details from elaborate trim to iron work---and who can forget the glossy white columns popping up in many of today's new homes. Many times, homeowners leave the columns because they are unsure as to what to do with them. Here are four easy ways to add pizzazz to your architectural columns.

1. Most often columns are painted bright glossy white. By simply choosing a different color, your columns will not stand out as much. Changing the sheen level of the column will make a visual difference as well. A flat isn't recommended because fingerprints will easily be seen, however an eggshell or satin is a lower sheen level than gloss. Make sure that the capital of the column, the top part, as well as the base of the column blend with existing trim and molding.

2. Applying texture materials such as stucco or plaster will add depth to your column. A professional faux finisher will have a variety of textures that can be applied to both round and square columns. Many times a different finish can also be applied to the base and capital of the column to accent the texture or color. Professional artists have a variety of textures available that mimic natural stone. Beware of using joint compound or other "soft plasters" intended for drywall use. These plasters are soft, and may nick and chip over time.

3. Adding a marble look to columns is another option. There are two different types of marbleizing techniques. A fantasy marble looks painted on, and does not mimic a specific marble found in nature. Yet, many times a fantasy marble may look extremely realistic. If you are going for an authentic look, make sure to relay this to the faux finish studios you are interviewing. Be specific with what look you are going for, such as a carrera marble, or yellow sienna.

4. A colorwash can add depth and be visually interesting on a column. A light glaze or stain is rubbed over the column to give a variation of color. The technique can add an aged and historic look to both interior and exterior columns.

Remember, these changes can be applied to both interior and exterior columns. No longer will your glossy white columns be an eyesore. From changing the sheen of paint, to the color, or adding a faux finish technique to your columns, the change will be welcomed in any room.

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