Acne Scarring - Types Of Scars Caused By Acne And How To Cure Them

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It is a misconception that you could avoid scarring your face if you properly cleanse your skin or refraining from popping the pimples. In many instances, scars still develop even if you cleanse your face thoroughly and stop touching your face completely. Even the mildest acne can leave behind physical scars. Needless to say, the more severe types could leave highly visible scars that would remain for a long time.

The more severe types of acne often leave lesions on the skin for long periods of time compared to milder acne. In cystic acne, which is possible the worst kind of acne there is, the cysts can remain on the skin for a long time (weeks and even months). These can leave behind extremely visible scars.

There are, in general, four types of acne scars. These are boxcar scars, rolling scars, ice-pick scars and hypertrophic scars. Correspondingly, there are different kinds of treatment of each of the four scar types.

Boxcar scars are angular in share, and can be deep. They usually occur on the cheeks and the temple. These scars are often mistaken for scars caused by chickenpox. Rolling scars make the skin look wave-like. Ice-pick scars, on the other hand, causes the skin to have deep pits, and are most common. Hypertrophic scars are in general thicker than the other types of scars. They are often caused by the more severe cases of acne.

Obviously, the best way to prevent acne scarring is to stop acne from occuring in the first place. Prevention of acne is a surefire way of avoiding acne scarring. Additionally, if you are afflicted with acne, treat the acne as quickly as you can also helps to prevent scarring.

To remove acne scars, it is advisable to seek treatment through a dermatologist or physician. The treatment that may be prescribed to you depends on two things - the type of scars (boxcar, rolling, ice-pick, hypertrophic or combination), and your skin type (dry, oily or combination). Understanding the types of skin and scars is therefore important. The formation of deep scars can be prevented if the acne is treated properly to avoid further breakouts. For extreme cases, scars can be removed by laser treatment.

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