Summary Of To Kill A Mockingbird - Chapter 24

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Aunt Alexandra plans to introduce Scout formally to her missionary circle. She invites the circle for tea in August. Scout Finch helps Calpurnia serve the tea. She is wearing a dress. Aunt Alexandra instructs Scout to stay with the ladies. The group talks about an African tribe recently converted to Christianity and then gossips about their black servants behaving mean after Tom's trial.

Atticus's presence interrupts the circle's gossip. They do not expect him to come home earlier than his usual time today. Scout knows something is happening. He goes to the kitchen and calls Alexandra. In the kitchen, he informs Scout, Aunt Alexandra, Miss Maudie, and Calpurnia that Tom Robinson is already dead. Tom attempted to break from prison and was shot seventeen times by the prison guards. This is a doubly sad and unjust turn of events. Tom was innocent of rape and should never have been jailed in the first place. Now, after trying to escape his wrongful imprisonment, he is killed. Atticus asks Calpurnia to accompany him to Tom's house and break the bad news to his family. The others rejoin the ladies for more tea.

Calpurnia (Cal):

Calpurnia or Cal for short, is the nanny and Scout and Jem's mother figure. She is the cook of the Finch family and takes care of the needs of the whole household. She is a little bit strict and a disciplinarian but caring and loving underneath. She makes quite a good effort keeping Scout live a good straight man's life.

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