Don't Forget About Your Brand Name

by Colleen Davis - Date: 2008-12-08 - Word Count: 463 Share This!

Ever walked up to a really interesting poster on the wall that just grabbed your attention. The images were good, the information was overall solid, but once you were done looking at it you couldn't figure out for the life of you what company made it. They put so much of their time into making the print posters interesting that they quite literally left off the information about the company itself.

This happens far more often than it should, and every time I see it I have to shake my head at how ridiculous it is. Your brand name needs to be close to you at all times and involved in any kind of advertising you get done. You should never be creating advertising without having your brand name involved in some way, yet so many companies do just that.

The mere idea of poster printing, or really custom any kind of marketing, is centered on the principle of doing something unique with the marketing. Companies are trying to come up with something that has either never been done before, or never been done in the format that they're doing it. This leads to many innovations in the world of marketing, and it also leads to companies having their vision narrowed to one area only.

A brand name isn't necessarily unique. You've been using your brand name for years most likely, and it is just a part of who your company is. Because it isn't always going to be considered unique to you, it can easily be forgotten when that custom poster printing comes along. The mind becomes so focused on something new it forgets what it needs to do with all advertising, new or old.

The last step of any design process no matter what type of advertisement you're making is to put that logo or company name somewhere in it. Don't just shove it into the corner with a graphic so small people might not even see it. I've encountered those kind of posters as well, where it takes me five minutes to see that tiny logo in the corner. Most of the time I give up without finding anything, and I'm certainly not going to give the company any business now.

Interesting is good and sells your products but only if you pair up these interesting advertisements with a way for people to figure out who you are. The mere fact that the logo is such a basic thing is why it can be so easily overlooked and forgotten. The things you aren't expecting at all to forget are often the first things you do forget because you weren't trying to remember them.

The best advertisement in the world won't help your company at all if people don't know who made the ad to begin with.

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