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by Mark A. Abrahams - Date: 2007-04-18 - Word Count: 297 Share This!

Opt in list building is one of the most important tasks you need to do if you would like to build a sustainable income on the internet. However this can be challenging as there are many ways to do this. When you start your internet business you may be throwing money down the drain as you have not tested your sales pages to see how well they convert and you actually could end up losing money by advertising. My favourite method to do my opt in list building is article marketing. The reason I like this method is that leads from article marketing convert ten times better than leads from other sources and it is free. You have already established trust and credibility by the time the person has clicked through to your squeeze page.

With article marketing you need to write on a topic that you have an active interest in and that you are an expert on. Do keyword research to use keywords with little or no competition in your title that will help your article to be found in the search engines. You need a headline that grabs attention to get the reader's attention.

The key ingredient to success with article marketing for opt in list building is that you need to write a compelling resource box with a call to action to visit your squeeze page. You can also offer a free report as a download.

Follow these opt in list building tips and build a huge list. Write ten to twenty articles a day and submit your articles to the most popular article directories like Ezine articles. In a few months time you should have a subscriber list of a few thousand. Why make opt in list building hard when it can be this simple.

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