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Handwriting analysis or Graphology is the mirror of your personality, character and your tendencies. Your weaknesses, strengths, capabilities are all reflected with the help of graphology. Emotions dominate us at any point of time and this is reflected in the way we write! Like your emotions, your handwriting also comes out from the subconscious part of your mind.

When we speak of a person's personality or his ego, first of all we must recognize the difference between a genuine and fictitious personality. Handwriting is an effective tool which reflects a person's character and his ego to a large extent. Let us consider an integral part of our writing i.e. our signature to reflect our inner nature. More than any other part of a script, the signature signifies the writer's ego. Yet, the signature alone can never be the sole source for a reliable analysis. Its value lies in a comparison between it and the main body of the script.

If the script and the signature are in agreement, it indicates that the writer behaves in private as he or she does in public. Discrepancies between signature and the text indicate discrepancies between public and personal conduct. But the point to be noted is that, differences due to illegibility must be analyzed with extreme care. Most signatures are illegible to a lesser or to a greater extent - especially those of professionals who are called upon to sign their names many times in the course of a single day. But illegibility of signature and text portion written should warn duplicity in the writer.

Divergences between signature and the text as regards the size of writing are more revealing. The signature may be unusually small while the text is large, or vice versa. Divergences in either case indicate that the writers' role in social life is not a genuine expression of either his character or his personality. A small signature with an otherwise large text symbolizes an underrating of the writers' ego in relation to the society; on the other hand, a large signature with an otherwise small handwriting symbolizes an overrating of the writers' ego in relation to the society. These remarks concerning divergences of size apply equally to ornamentation/ simplification, heavy/light pressure, pastiness/sharpness, underlining/over lining etc.

But genuine personality - as opposed to pseudo-personality, will also be symbolized by a moderate divergence of size between a smaller text and a larger signature. An overall positive interpretation of the text and signature will determine such genuine personality and individuality. Differences of size, width, angle, slant, pressure etc, between the first name and the family name symbolizes the relationship between the writer and his family.

In conclusion it needs to be mentioned that additional flourishes should be interpreted in terms of left and right tending movements in the different zones. And underlining, etc emphasizes the writers' ego.

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