Samsung J700 Review: a Samsung Phone Made for the Low-end Market

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Some say that the Samsung J700 looks similar to the 5-megapixel phone G600. But this Samsung mobile phone is very different from the other phone. It is not as luxurious in price and features as the other phone. But those belonging to the low-end market will surely enjoy the Samsung J700. In fact, the Samsung J700 may be considered having very generous features at a very low price.

Samsung J700 Design

The Samsung J700 is available in two colours-an elegant and stylish black and a hot and fashionable pink. The mobile phone's design is already comparable to the most expensive slid-up phone from Samsung. Many critiques say that the Samsung J700's design is actually the market point of this phone. That proves to be true since the phone has a very elegant design that a mere look at it, anyone would not believe that it is worth US$200 only.

Many say that the Samsung J700's design is similar to the common slid-up phone. Although that may be true in some essence, the Samsung J700 can still beat other luxury phone's design because of its nice look for a low budget.

The every edge of the Samsung J700 says about class and endless elegance. The black or pink colour of the phone speaks so much about its top-edge designs.

Many Samsung J700 reviews gave positive response on how the phone can be handled. Compared to some luxury phones or low-end mobile phones, the Samsung J700 can be handled comfortably with its 92 grams weight. The 14.8mm depth of the phone also affects so much about its easiness of holding, as well as its 99.5mm height and 48mm width.

Samsung J700 Features

Comparing the features alone, many might say that the Samsung J700 will never be one of the best mobile phone deals. But considering the price, many would agree that the phone is still a great choice.

Aside from the phone's basic communication functionalities, the Samsung J700 is capable of sending SMS, MMS, and EMS. It may also use different browsers like the WAP 2.0 and HTML. The mobile phone is also capable of supporting Java applications, MP3, and MP4. Getting bored with the phone is never possible with the added FM radio, 1.3 megapixel camera, and a video recorder.

The Samsung J700 is also capable of expanding its memory through its microSD card slot, capable of supporting up to 2 gigabytes. 

There are also calendar, memo, world clock, timer, converter, and stopwatcher included as added functionalities in the Samsung J700. The mobile phone's alarm clock may be setup to play mp3-format music.

Many Samsung J700 reviews say that the phone's features are all available at a low-end. For example, the picture is not that clear compared with some luxury phones. But it's enough for a low-end phone like the Samsung J700.

Although the Samsung J700 may not offer top-notch performance, the price for the phone will make it survive the market and turn it into one of the best mobile phone deals. Besides, the phone can already be used for more than the basic phone functionalities. But the price is only for a basic phone use. Many potential users will surely like the Samsung J700 despite its flaws with its great price offer.

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