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Purchasing face makeup products should be done with sincere concern. The products matching the tone and skin quality perfectly is suggested so that it is applied evenly on the face. The concern about products is mandatory for the users so that it does not damage or have a contrary effect on the skin. Hence, opting to buy branded cosmetic products is recommended.

The foremost step is cleansing the face to eliminate dirt and excess oil. This can be ideally done with a cleanser so that the face makeup sets well. Cleansing should be followed by a massage using moisturizer to eliminate dryness. The foundation of the face makeup depends on the complexion of a person such as a bright skin tone requires light shade. The foundation should get blended with skin and this can be done by adding little water to the base. Also applying ice or cold compression allows the face makeup to set well. Pimple prone face may find the water based foundation more appropriate. However, areas under the eye should be treated with utmost care.

Nurturing eyes is a vital feature of face makeup. Two important things to keep in mind: the eye shadow should suite the skin, and strong makeup is more appropriate at night. Eyeliner can be used to give a distinguished shape, while thin eyeliner gives a large look and a thicker line gives a dramatic look. Eyes are the main part of the face and hence the eye care products should be smudge and water proof. Mascara will certainly give a richer look and the final face makeup should be complete only after touching rouge. Of course, you should know the best makeup is perfectly done mainly in natural light. And for those looking for the best looks, the finest products may come expensive but are recommended as they do not result in skin rashes.

The outline of lips can be traced using a pencil. A lip liner can be used on the inside of this line, which will give an appearance of thinner lips. Subsequently, use lip liners modestly. Avoid lipsticks that are very glossy and opt for muted lip stain. Gloss can be applied on the widest lip part so that it creates fullness and depth. Avert from bright and dramatic colors and choose a lipstick that gives natural full lips highlighting the entire face makeup.

Cheeks dominate the face makeup next to eyes. The cheekbone is the enhanced part and should be shadowed. This can be done comfortably by sucking the cheeks in, and applying light blush to the cheekbone and the temples so that it can have a fade coating. Next, smoothen it using a finger. Touching a bronzer to the forehead, chin and nose gives a natural look.

Skin care is essential regardless of the foundation or face makeup used. Applying make up or foundation on an oil free skin allows the face makeup to stay all day. Ascertaining a clean face and wiping it using an astringent prior to the initiation of makeup routine is recommended. Astringent balances the oil surface and also assists in the foundation to remain on the skin. Eventually, at night before going to bed washing the face using an exfoliating scrub is essential so that dead skin cells do not get piled on the skin surface.

All are not blessed with attractive skin tone. Using some effective face makeup helps in highlighting the features and also conceals the facial flaws when it is done skillfully with the right cosmetics.

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